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The wait for my first schnauzer seemed like forever, but she was worth the wait! At around the same time we had two Golden Retriever pups join our house. With the increase in canine population and my desire to breed, I decided it wasnt something to be taken lightly so I enrolled to do a year of study and learn everything I possibly could to produce the best quality, tempermant and type.

I totally loved this course and earned the High Achievement Award in the following subjects:

*Animal Care and Legislation                                                                                                                

*Animal First Aid                                                                                                                         

*Kennel and Cattery Housekeeping                                                                                                                  

*Dog and Cat Housing                                                                                                                   

* Dog and Cat Nutrition                                                                                                                       

*Animal Genetics                                                                                                                   


*Animal Health and Disease                                                                                                                         



and a couple of years later.........                                                                              


For many years later we went on to produce sucessful Guide and Therapy Dogs. Our longstanding love of our Mini Schnauzers stands 19years later.

My children have all grown up with Mini Schnauzers and they all have their own. Several years ago a fellow Mini Schnauzer lover and breeder imported an impressive male named 'Garven Johnny' with Am Ch Bloodlines, a very sound and handsome dog that helped produce some of my girls. Since then after much research we purchased a Black male named 'Preston' who has it all and more including Ch Sweedish,Ch Russian and Ch Norwegan bloodlines. Then there is 'Adam'. Adams pedigree is sure to impress with a Family Tree that includes: ENG CH. IR CH. RISEPARK HERE COMES CHARLIE (U.K.), ENG CH. HIDEKI CHECKPOINT CHARLIE RISEPARK (U.K.), AM CH. LUX CH. BANDSMANS WHY NOT (U.S.A.), ENG CH. BANDSMAN SELECT FOR RISEPARK (USA), FNL CH. INT CH. RUS CH. EST CH. TRIXTER ALEXANDER (FNL), FNL CH. LV CH. EST CH. HILDEBERTS FRESKO TO TRIXTER (FNL), BLG CH.FNL CH. INT CH NDL CH. LUX CH. RUS CH. EST CH. SNOB VAN DE HAVENSTAD (FNL)  and FNL CH. INT CH. RUS CH. TRIXTER ZUCCHERO (FNL).





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Leanne Asgill
Windsor, NSW, Australia
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