Barzoomin' Around

Welcome to our photo album.
We hope you enjoy these Photos of Barzoom Puppies and Adults in their new Homes.
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Keziah very much at Home
Check out my Ears !!!!
What you got there Krilly ???
Oh Oh , Chaka is helping himself again !
Don't make me wear the silly Hat !
What do you want ?
Hairy Qld. Worm I think !
I Love my new Brother
Synchronised Sleeping
My House !!
Best Mates
Smells good Pa !
Ah , this is the Life
Don't Laugh !
Regal Shazzam
Rudolph ?
Stripey Girl
He's all mine !!
Tired Tish and Puppy Pillow
Just trying to Help Pa !
Twas the Night before a Show and Ninja was snoring !
Lizzi In Her Bed of Straw
Torturing Nanna Lizzi


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