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Here we are at a Show - that is "Barzoom Captain Marvel" and myself - Effi Salmon (or that nutty Basenji Woman, as I have heard some people say). I guess it's the price you pay for being obsessed with a Breed of Dog. For me Basenjis started with a photo I saw in 1966. A school friend, whose parents were Missionaries in Africa, showed me photo of her life in Africa. Her photos showed village life, and how much Basenji Dogs were an integral part of that life. I immediately felt drawn to their compact shapes and a ‘Look’ of self assured arrogance that spoke of Partnership, rather than Service with the Humans. I never forgot the little dogs that so appealed to me in my friend’s photos, so when the opportunity came I purchased my first Basenji in 1972 from a Breeder in Perth. This Red and White Bitch taught me a Lot about Basenji. Their strength and endurance, traveling for many hot dusty miles in the Bush each day, their independent ways - she always traveled at her distance, and always knew where I was even if I could not see her. That took a bit of getting used to, and a lot of laughter and scorn from other people whose dogs actually did useful things like work cattle and walk to heel. With time and exposure to her ways many came to admire her toughness and stamina, her ability to hunt (I rarely missed a meal and she never did). She – as do all basenjis - had the wonderful ability to conserve energy, until it was really needed. She had a unique ability to get people to do things she needed done. I recall one very grumpy, crusty old guy - who treated his dogs with a toughness only those who live and work in the outback can really understand - putting water from his Canteen into his hat and giving "Her Highness" a drink. When he caught me looking at him he said "She didn't like the water in the dam, the cattle had churned it up too much". She had her ways and I became endlessly fascinated with the way of the Basenji. After I lost her in a hunting accident, I never stopped thinking about the day that I would again live with a Basenji. I never stopped telling those I people met her story and how important she had been in my life. It was inevitable that one day a friend mentioned my passion for Basenji's to another friend who was in desperate need to re-home 2 red and white Basenji's - a brother and sister. These two very special older people came to live with us and caused us a lot of heartache and gave us a huge amount of joy. We have not been without Basenji's in our lives since then. In 2000 we acquired our first brood bitch "Rose ". It is through the kindness and encouragement of Trevor and Olive Robb of Teschi Kennels, who freely and unreservedly shared their time and knowledge with me, enabled us to build our kennels through being able to obtain quality breeding Stock. In the early days I very much appreciated the forthright, (and not always what I wanted to hear, assessments of my dogs), from the late Lauris Hunt of Pukkanut Kennels, who taught me not to look at my dogs through ‘rose-coloured glasses’. At present we have a family of 9 Basenji's, including a lovely Tri Bitch "Lizzi" who came from Kay Eldred’s Jebelmarra Kennels, and whose handsome son Shazzam continues to produce stunning Puppy's for this Kennel. With the continued support of the other breeders and Basenji Club Members (after all who else will listen to you talk about Basenji's for a couple of hours and not fall asleep?) we shall continue to grow, not in the size of our kennel, but the quality of our dogs. Through well chosen, if not frequent mating’s, and always striving for Soundness, Strength, Elegance and that ‘Independent Way’ that made me fall in love with them all those years ago. We strive to continue producing loving companions, and family dogs, show ring stars and capable hunters, all the things that have made them "Special Dogs" to those that appreciate their talents.

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Effi Salmon
Jugiong, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0428282362
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