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Photo Album

Welcome to our photo album.
Here is a collection of photos from our album that we hope you enjoy.
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Jack (Ch Ausbed Crackerjack), Kismet(Ch Ausbed Chances Are), and Jeannie (Ausbed Blue Gene Baby)in the garden
on the first day
Allu (Finnish Ch.Ausbed Alcheringa) enjoying life in Finland
Blue (Ausbed Blue Flame) with his friends
Tuppence (Ch Ausbed Rhapsody in Blue)
Womble (Ausbed Nova Ostoria) with her friend Dobby
Kismet (Aust Ch Ausbed Chances Are) and Jenna (Aust Ch Isotop's Joyride Imp Swd)sharing a stick
Manny (CH Tolpedn Romance Imp UK) no rabbits down there!
Jenna the butterfly
Jeannie (Ausbed Blue Gene Baby) at 6 weeks old
Chester (Ch Stenmor Rochester Lad) BOB Mannin Show 2005 also WATC Veteran of Year 2007
Jasper (Ausbed Bobbydazzler)
Haggis (Ausbed Haggis G Worboys) getting comfortable
Gilbert (Ausbed Gilbert the Grey) I like the beach but it's nice in the shade
Gilbert being a cheeky boy
Chester the biker
Jed (NZ Ch Ausbed Traveller CDX) sharing his bed with his friend Wolfie
Fergus (Ausbed Play It Again Sam)
Jenna, Best of Breed Perth Royal Show 2005
Jack with his Dad
Jemima (Ch Ausbed Precious Jewel) and Minnie (Ausbed Dream Weaver) sharing
Rupert (Ausbed Gypsy King)
minnie has her first birthday
(Ausbed Dreamweaver)
Igby (Ausbed Igby Stussman)celebrating Christmas with his new family
Milo (Ausbed Elvis) living the good life in Queensland
Bedley (Ausbed Lavender Mist) Let's go!
Chester playing football
Jack (Ausbed The Joking Jack) I can play with all of these at once!
Sooty (Ausbed Ms Perspicacity) keeping cosy
Jack (Ausbed The Joking Jack) the "Wild Child"
Ch Ausbed Crackerjack (Jack) on holiday with Hannah
Igby likes to be comfortable
I can do anything if I want to 'cos I'm so cute.
Jack and Jazmin having fun at the park.
Miss and Matilda looking pretty
Ausbed Mischka (Jack) loves to ride in the car
Igby in his "nest"
Saxon(Ausbed Jack of Diamonds AI)
Still showing his true Granitor colours
Jack and Jazmin representing Brisbane's Bedlingtons in the million paws walk
Jake loves his mummy
Saxon being a show dog
Sookie (Ausbed Sookie Stussman) making herself right at home in Melbourne
Casper (Ausbed Prince Caspian)
Darwin (Caeruleus Darwin) resting with his mum (Ch Caeruleus Mistress Rohan. Darwin is the result of Boots'(Ch Ausbed Born in Boots (AI)) visit to Sydney
Jake (Ausbed Rodbery Ranger (AI)) in his sand pit
Lola (Ausbed Her Name Is Lola) Having a rest
and all this beach is MINE!
Minnie tries out a "marcel wave"
Buddie (Ausbed Sajan Leal)relaxing in the garden
Lex (Ausbed Alfred the Great)
Lex likes to run
Bonnie (Ausbed Miss Jean Brodie) working out whether she can take it without anyone noticing.
Lex after his first haircut
Igby and Sookie (or are they clones of their parents?)
Jake with his Animal Companion Certificate, his owner was told he was the first Bedlington Terrier to receive it
Lex at the sea
Jake the therapy dog in his official outfit
Ausbed Arrow has really settled in at his new house. He's not really spoilt.
Jazzy looking after HER baby
Razin (Ausbed Twinkletoes)

I'm the boss so I have first pick of ALL the beds
Arrow, smiling in his sleep
Ausbed Master Freddie with his new family
Freddie thinks he is as fast as a whippet
you may carry it, says Freddie, but it's mine!
Mac and Jake, (Ausbed Birthday Boy and Ausbed Jake) sharing
Arrow after his first hair cut
Arrow in reflective mood
Jed shows how it's done.
I can leap tall buildings in a single bound
you know you love me!
Bedley jumping
Holly (Ausbed Pearl)
Lola (Ausbed Opal) is all ready for the show
what can I do next?
Ruby (Ausbed Ruby) I do like a good cuddle
I know, I'll have a nap
Ruby thinks this chair is just her size
Mem (Ausbed Affair to Remember) thinks this is boring but it makes mum happy
Mem trying to be good for Mum
Holly told Santa what she wanted for Christmas
Ausbed Emerald (Emma)
thanks mum, your pillow is comfy
Jake (on the left) with his new brother Puff
best friends
Ausbed Oakey Dokey with his sister Rosie
welcoming the newest addition to the family
Jasper (works hard for his biscuits)
(NZ CH Ausbed Traveller CDX) Jed with his bronze and gold medals won for obedience and cross country agility & agility1 Clever Boy!



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