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How To Find A Puppy

You've searched the internet, so where do you go from here?

Well, you could buy your puppy from Ausbed Bedlington Terrier Kennels, (it's best to be on our wait list) we send puppies to all states. Or contact the Canine Association in your state and they will give you a list of Registered Breeders.


A Registered Breeder will give you a Certificate of Registration and Pedigree issued by  the  ANKC (The Australian National Kennel Council), this is like a birth certificate for your puppy. It tells you who the parents are, even who the grandparents, and great grandparents are. So you know you are buying a pure breed dog.

In Australia you cannot register a litter of Bedlington Terrier puppies with the ANKC without having produced the Copper Toxicosis dna test results for both parents.

As mentioned on previous pages Copper Toxicosis is an hereditary disease. You want the parents of your puppy to be either both clear, or one clear and one carrier. This means that your puppy will be clear of the disease or if one of the parents is a carrier they might be a carrier. There is no problem with a puppy being a carrier it will not develop the disease. If unsure of what the parents' dna results mean for your puppy a Registered Breeder will explain it to you or will be happy to have the puppy dna tested to put your mind at rest. Please realise that they may ask you to pay for this test.

A Registered Breeder will tell you how to look after your puppy,

  • how many meals a day he needs,
  • what he should and should not be given to eat, 
  • when he needs his next vaccination,
  • when he needs to be wormed,
  • what to do when he is teething,
  • how to groom him, and
  • how to get him used to being groomed,
  • will give you a puppy pack to get you started.

A Registered Breeder wants your puppy to look great and be healthy as much as you do, your puppy is a walking advertisement for their kennel.


A Registered Breeder will be willing to help your dog for all of it's life.

Registered Breeders (in WA) are not permitted to sell their puppies in pet shops, it is against Dogswest (Canine Association of Western Australia) ethics.

So if you want a pure breed, pedigree dog contact an ANKC Registered Breeder.


There has been a lot of media talk about puppy farming. To ensure you are not buying from a puppy farm, ask to see the mother and the father too if practicable. (not all breeders will own the father, they may have paid a stud fee or bought frozen semen to help improve their puppies) Ask questions. A puppy farmer only cares if you have money. A puppy farmer will usually always have puppies for sale or due. Once you buy from a puppy farm the puppy and any problems are yours.

I know I want to know where my puppies are going and I ask lots of questions. I will not sell puppies to anyone who wants one for a present for someone else. I am happy for people to wait for a puppy from me, that way I know they have researched the breed and know what they want. I believe that if something is worth having it is worth waiting for. A registered breeder likes to keep in touch with the new owner and will be available to help with any problems, I always say if you're wondering about something ask before it becomes a problem.



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