*castastar Acacia

Sire: Zony von haus Gerstenberg - Dam: Ch. Astasia Cinnamon


Challenge Bitch Longford Agricultural Show - Oct 2011

1st Minor Puppy Siegerin  (Very Good) GSDCT Inc  Oct 2011 - Mrs Jenny Yuen  Vic.

2nd Junior Bitch (Very Good) 40th German Shepherd National (led class until final laps) May 2012 - Herr Heinz Scheerer SV Gmy.

Reserve Challenge Bitch  (Very Good) GSDCT Inc  - May 2012 - Mrs. C Collins S.A.

Best Junior in Show - GSDCT Inc. - May 2012 - Mrs. C. Collins S.A.

Breed Survey Class 1 - Sep 2012 - Mrs C. O'Rourke  Q'ld.

Queensland Intermediate Siegerin  (Very Good Merit) - GSDC of Qld - Sep 2012 - Mr. B. O'Rourke  Q'ld.


19 3/4 months. 61 cm. ​Very large strong harmoniously constructed bitch that is full of type and quality, very good strong feminine head, with very good depth of underjaw, very good reach of neck, very well pigmented and coloured, stands with high withers, firm straight back and very good croup, very good angles of both the fore and hind with very good breadth of thigh, and short clean hocks, stands correct in front with straight bones correct fore and underchest development, steps correct going and coming, dynamic powerful far reaching gait during which her overall strength is noticeable, her sequence of steps is absolutely correct, and her willingness to run praiseworthy.  VERY GOOD MERIT.

6th Intermediate Bitch (Very Good) - ACTGSD Assoc Inc. - Sep 2012 - D. Oeser SV Gmy.

7th Intermediate Bitch (Very Good -  ACTGSD Assoc Inc. - Sep 2012 - F. Capelli Italy.

8th Intermediate Bitch (Very Good) - 41st German Shepherd National 2013 - Herr C. Ludwig SV Gmy.

3rd Open Bitch (Excellent Merit)  SBA GSDCT Inc May 2013 - Mr. B. O'Rourke  Q'ld.

17th Open Bitch  (Excellent) - 42nd German Shepherd National 2014 - Herr. F. Goldlust SV Gmy

Tasmanian Siegerin (Excellent Merit)  GSDCT Inc SBA - May 2014 - Mrs. J. Neddermeyer S.A.


3 yrs 4 months. 60.5 cm.  Very large, strong, substantial, well coloured expressive bitch of very good type and overall harmonious construction. Good length of neck, high withers, firm back, slightly short slightly steep croup. The upper arm should be longer and better angled, very good lay of shoulder blade, very good hindquarter angulation and with very good breadth of thighs. Stands correct in front with strong but feminine expressive head with excellent masking of skull and foreface, very good eye colour, slight damage to shape of left ear however, the set and size is correct. This bitch impresses with her overall harmonious construction and her very good brood type.  A daughter of Zony Haus Gerstenberg and via the mother line carries the line of Cayos Noriswand  and displays the attributes of her parentage. Steps slightly narrow at rear, correct in front with good firmness of elbows, the hock joints should remain firmer. During movement shows a very good ground covering, expansive, free flowing gait with good back transmission. One progeny exhibited at show which achieved the highest grading in that class. Excellent presentation during all phases of the gaiting exercise . EXCELLENT MERIT 1.

3rd Open Bitch (Excellent) - GSDCT Inc. Sep 2014 - Mrs. M. Loyd  S.A.

2nd Open Bitch (Excellent)- GSDCT Inc. Sep 2014 - Mr. S. Collins S.A.

Reserve Challenge Bitch - GSDCT Inc. Sep 2014 - Mr. S. Collins  S.A.

Tasmanian Siegerin (Excellent Merit)  SBA GSDCT Inc. May 2015. Mr. B. Knight  W.A.












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