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So – you have done your research & decided that a Papillon is the right dog for you. But how do you find that perfect puppy? Here is some advice and tips to help you set out on the right foot and reach a satisfactory result – for both you AND the puppy!

Registered breeders who show their dogs aren’t breeding puppies just to sell for profit – that is one of the ethics in obtaining registration for breeding. They are breeding for the betterment of the breed, aiming for the highest possible quality – it costs just as much (and probably more) to raise puppies with health issues as it does to raise healthy, quality puppies.
Most good breeders will be happy to have a chat with you about their dogs, but remember that we have many things to attend to – mealtimes, pen and/ or kennel cleaning, training – and some of us also work full time – so be prepared to make arrangements to talk at a mutually suitable time.

And we say DOG, because cute little puppies are only cute little puppies for a very short period of their lifespan. The majority of their life is as an ADULT.  So, you need to know what you are expecting from your dog & what activities you’re anticipating sharing with your new dog. What sort of home do you have, what sort of family, and what sort of lifestyle? Just as people have different personalities & activity levels, so do Papillons. From the truckie who wants a little cabin companion, to the older couple who want to travel with their canine companion, to the elderly person who wants a quiet lap dog, to the family with a busy & active lifestyle in which their dog is going to participate, to the obedience or agility trialler, to the conformation show person – all these will require different things from their new dog, and need the best possible match to ensure many happy years of canine companionship.

An ideal first contact would go something like this:
“Hi, my name is X and I’m writing to inquire about your dogs. I’ve been doing a lot of research on Papillons and I think they’re the right breed for me because of [these several reasons.] I know puppies are a huge commitment, and I am planning to [accommodate that in various ways.] I’m approaching you in particular because of [these reasons].
I’m looking for a Papillon as a [required type of activity/ dog]. I plan to do [type of activity or  your activity interest in]. My experience with (toy) dogs is [list experience/ knowledge etc.]

Clearly communicate these things: You are ready for a puppy, you are ready for a puppy of this breed, you understand what sets this breed apart from other breeds and you understand the commitment required, both as a puppy and as an adult. Specifically describe your plans for this puppy; be truthful.

PLEASE don’t send an email saying only something like:
‘How much are your puppies?’

You may have done loads of research; you may have thought long & hard; you may have the ideal home; but that message conveys to the breeder something more like this:

“I want the cheapest dog I can get. I couldn’t be bothered to research to ensure this breed suits me. I probably can’t afford the necessary ongoing vaccinations, worming etc., proper vet attention if it’s needed, good quality diet; and I’ll be prepared to dump the dog at the local pound if it doesn’t work out or gets inconvenient.’

NO good breeder is going to want to place a puppy with those prospects! We’ve put a lot of time, commitment & money into breeding our puppies – we want the very best of homes for them, lifetime homes where they are valued & loved just for being themselves – and we’re prepared to say NO if we don’t feel that that is what is on offer!

DON”T treat the purchase of your puppy as you might treat the purchase of an appliance or piece of furniture – there is a lot of heart & emotion invested in breeding those puppies, please don’t take it for granted!

When you contact a breeder, they may or may not have puppies available. If there ARE puppies available, the puppies may not be suited to you & your particular requirements. So be prepared to wait. DON’T have your heart set on finding your puppy by a particular date – you may be in for disappointment. You may need to wait just a few weeks – or it could be a few months. Breeders can’t ‘pre-order’ their litters – so if you have your heart set on, for example, an outgoing red & white girl to suit a busy family, you may need to wait until a puppy fitting that criteria comes along.

Do not expect that there will be suitable puppy ready & waiting; or even that you can pick whatever puppy you want. And do not expect to be given priority pick because you contacted us first; conversely, do not expect that because you came along later, you somehow won’t get a good puppy. A good breeder will be going to try to do their absolute best to match puppies to owners as objectively as they can, not according to who called first. 

Additionally, as breeders, we find that we receive far more puppy enquiries than we can accommodate, and more enquiries for girls than for boys. We are happy to on-refer enquiries to other breeders, but unless they are actively advertising puppies, these breeders will likely be in the same position that we are in. MURPHYS LAW: if you’re waiting for a girl, you can bet the next litter will be all boys; and vice versa!

Of course you are entitled to know the asking price of the puppy, and to know that you are being asked a fair price. An ethical breeder will not mind you asking – provided it’s not the first question! Bring up price either at the end of the first contact or in a follow-up contact. Additionally, you could ask something like: “If you don’t mind me asking, about how much should I expect to pay for a Papillon puppy? I just want to be prepared.” The breeder will usually give you two pieces of useful information: His/ her price, and the general price range to expect. This way, you will have an idea of what to expect should you need to enquire of other breeders. If a subsequent breeder you contact names a price that’s vastly different, try to discreetly find out why. A very difficult pregnancy, nationally ranked parents, a surgical AI, c-section resulting in very few live puppies - these are some reasons a breeder could be asking more and it’s reasonable. If there’s no real difference from the other breeders except price, think carefully.

A word about price – prices vary from breeder to breeder, from state to state – but whatever the asking price is, this is going to be the CHEAPEST part of owning your dog! Over its lifetime, your dog will cost much more in food, de-sexing, annual health checks, vaccinations, worming, flea/ tick/ heartworm control/ prevention etc – besides anything else out of the ordinary. If you can’t afford the asking price of the puppy, then the breeder will likely hear the message that you can’t afford the ongoing costs of a canine companion.

And REMEMBER – For the majority of us, our dogs are our hobby – and a time consuming, expensive one at that. We don’t make money by selling our excess puppies - we simply recoup a little towards our costs.

Our first responsibility is to the breed: high quality, healthy, sound, well-adjusted Papillons.

Our second responsibility is to the puppy: it’s our responsibility to try to ensure a good match between a puppy and the prospective owner. This can give you, the prospective owner, confidence in the puppy you take home, and gives us, the breeders, confidence that the puppy will have the very best of homes – for life.

So we will place each puppy where we feel that it has the best chance of success and the optimal environment to thrive. It is NOT our responsibility to provide a puppy to anyone whom we feel is unable to provide such an environment.

Well, most of them. The dog community is relatively small, and we usually know each other reasonably well. We also know some of the not-so-ethical breeders. So don’t be coy about letting us know that you’ve spoken to *Mary, Martha or Arthur. We’re very likely to find out anyway, and being secretive can lead to suspicion about your motives. Additionally, you may find that *Mary, Martha or Arthur may be one of those persons from whom you’d rather NOT buy a puppy...
(*Not real breeders’ names!)

Not all breeders keep a waiting list, but if you should happen to be on a waiting list, please be fair & let the breeder(s) whose list(s) you’re on know if you no longer require to be on that list.
It’s unfair to the breeder, & unfair to other people waiting on a puppy, when a breeder is keeping a puppy for someone on their waiting list only to find out that the puppy is no longer required.

      All our puppies leave home fully vaccinated,microchipped and registered with Dogs NSW.
All our puppies sold as PETS will be registered on the Limited Register
AND an agreement will be made to the timetable of their Desexing

before they leave for their 'Forever Loving Homes'.

Registered, Creditable & Experienced Breeders please call us to discuss options.


The Kalkite Family Maternity Ward

Including a 3 Heat Setting Electric Blanket

 (Patent Pending )




All of our baby Furkids come complete with their second 'C3' needles, intestinal  worm treatments and micro-chipping.
A supply of their current diet start them off in their new home and a puppy handbook will be provided to new owners.
We prefer our Puppies not to leave home until they are 12 weeks old.

 ALL our Pet Puppies are registered on the ANKC Limited Register


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