Vizsla Photo Album

Here is a collection of photos of Tazlon bred Hungarian Vizslas owned and loved by others, and we dedicate this page to the owners of all the Vizsla puppies we have breed.  

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MURPHY - Tazlon Havari Murphy, jointly owned by Katie & Matt, Launceston, Tas.
TAYAH - Tazlon Havari Tayah, owned by Michelle, Claremont, Tas.....on the million paws walk
SCOUT - Tazlon Havari Scout - owned by Liz, Sandford, Tas.
MEKA - Tazlon Avari Rica, owned by Colin & Vicki, Morwell, Vict.
SAGE - Tazlon Avari Sage, owned by Philip & Fiona, Ballarat, Vict.
SAGE enjoying Arthurs Lake, Tas.
OVER, SAGE & UNDER at Arthurs Lake, Tas
GILLY - Tazlon Avari Gilly, owned by Megan & Will, Franklin, ACT
MEIKA - Tazlon Avari Meika, owned by Gary & Rhonda, Lysterfield, Vict.
TASZ - Tazlon Avari Tasz, owned by Kevin & Christine, Gisbourne, Vict.
ABBIE - Tazlon Avari Abbie, owned by Ruhan, Balwyn, Vict.
ELLA - Tazlon Avari Ella, owned by Jane & Stuart, Old Beach, Tas.
ELLA enjoying her 2nd birthday
ELLA 3 yrs old
OOLA - Tazlon Avari Oola, owned by Robyn, Mackay, Qld.
CRYSTAL - Tazlon Flicky Crystal, owned by Geoff, Tullah, Tas.
OLIVIA with FLYNN - Tazlon Tricky Flynn, owned by Leah, Jason & Olivia, Tas.
LARNA & FLETCHER - Tazlon Ellari Coffee & Tazlon Tricky Fletch owned by Paula & Rick, Launceston, Tas.
BILL - Tazlon Flicky Bill owned by Philip & Elizabeth, Sandy Bay, Tas.
NAP - Tazlon Flicky Nap, owned by Nigel & Dulcie, Pemberton, WA
FLINT - Tazlon Kelvari Flint, owned by Ilze, Portsea, Vict.
TAZZI - Ch. Tazlon Kelvari Dallas owned & shown by Jill, Alice Springs, winner of multiple group awards.
LEILA - Tazlon Charquin Leila, owned by Christine & William, California, U.S.A.
LEILA & TOBY ZAFRAN with their 6 wk old pups
LAZLO & LEILA - Lazlo is Leila's 2 1/2 year old son.
JACKSON - Tazlon Charquin Jackson, owned by Debra & Peter, Gidgegannup, W.A.
CLYDE - Tazlon Charquin Clyde owned by Michael & Lois, Lawitta, Tas.
RADAR - Ch. Tazlon Charquin Radar, owned by Marjory, Nth. Qld.
MAX - Tazlon Charquin Maxine, owned by Leigh & Lisa, Langwarrin, Vict.
FLETCHER & PEPPER - Tazlon Charquin Fletcher & Tazlon Charquin Pepper, pictured with owners Heather & Ray, Tas.
OVER & UNDER - Tazlon Charquin Over & Tazlon Charquin Under, owned by Brett & Leanne, Launceston Tas.
OSKAR - Tazlon Ellari Calan, owned by Barb in Qld.
CHLOE - Tazlon Ellari Chloe owned by Kevin & Denise, Granton, Tas.
Holly - Tazlon Ellari Cinnamon ET JD, owned by Nicci & Michael, Harkaway, Vict.
CONNER - Tazlon Ellari Conner, owned by Craig & Michelle, Lillydale, Vict.
TAZZIE - Tazlon Ellari Tazzie, owned by Marjory, Nth. Qld.
MARNIE - Ch. Tazlon Ellari Marnie, owned by Sue-Ann & Roger, Qld.
SARIKA - Ch. Tazlon Ellari Sarika UD ET AD JD, owned by Chris, Townsville, Qld.
ZELDA - Tazlon Ellari Zelda, owned by Christie & Peter, Upway, Vict.
JACOB, KAITLYN with SOPHIE, Tazlon Ellari Sophie, owned by Leonie & Raymond, Ingham, Qld.
SOPHIE 9 1/2years
DENISE with CYRUS - Tazlon Keari Quest, owned by Denise & Karl, Townsville, Nth. Qld.
JARAH - Tazlon Keari Quiver, owned by Anne, Ocean View, Qld.
AMANDA with NELSON - Tazlon Keari Quiz, owned by Lou, Townsville, Nth. Qld.
PIPPA - Tazlon Keari Queen, owned by Sandi, Alligator Creek, Qld.
GRAEME with PHILLY - Ch. Tazlon Vari Ophelia, owned by Graeme & Janet, Townsville, Qld.
CASSY - Ch. Tazlon Kachina, owned by Neil & Caroline, Townsville, Qld.
BUKI - Tazlon Kobi, owned by Janet & Graeme, Townsville, Nth. Qld.
BEAU - Tazlon Kynan, owned by Rob & Trisha, Townsville, Nth. Qld.
KODA - Tazlon Koda, owned by Rodney & Valerie, Tully, Nth. Qld.
CASSY - Ch. Tazlon Kafka, owned by Jenny & Craig, NSW.


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