Grooming Hints

Your Chinese Crested has special grooming needs, both hairless & powderpuff.

a clean well groomed dog is a healthy dog. The Hairless needs regular baths, at least once a week, with an unperfumed moisturiser after bathing. Aloe vera or Vit E cream are excellent.

If your h/l dog has a lot of bodyhair it may need weekly shaves with either a razor, or clippers. Usually the more glamorous a H/L is the more body hair they seem to have.

Shaving the face is a matter of preference.I like to see the beautiful chiseled lines on a clean shaven face. Special care needs to be taken of the skin in the sun, I use a 30+ sunscreen applied regularly if the dog needs to be out doors. The best protection is to keep your Crested indoors during the hottest part of the day.

Toenails need regular trimming to a moderate length, not too short.

Because the H/L has a unique dentition they often lose premolars at an early age. They also have forward pointing tusks.Powderpuffs have a normal scissor bite.

The Powderpuff has, a beautiful silky double coat, soft & shorter undercoat, & a fine silken veil coat, which usually takes up to 18 months to mature. They dont shed, but like any long coated breed do leave a little hair behind.

Regular brushing with a good quality pin brush & a conditioning spray. Never brush a dry coat as this causes breakage & damage to the hair. I advise pet owners to have their P/P clipped in a poodle lambcut, they still look very attractive & are much easier to groom.The face is also done in a poodle trim, from the corner of the eye down to a point in the hollow of the throat. Never clip above the stop or the eye. I use a #50 blade for a really close shave to the face.

Because CC puppies have largeish ears its often necessary to tape them. There is a great link to step by step taping & grooming on my links page, Crestars Chinese Cresteds.


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