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Australian Champion Tonantzin Alabama Slamma
**** Now residing in the Philippines ****


Where it all began................................
From an early age I have always been involved with animals of some kind. I grew up in a small country town located in the mid north of South Australia. During this time I was lucky to have my own hord of animals including my own horse and competed in many dressage, various gymkhana events, conformation shows and general pony club meets.
It wasn't until I moved to Adelaide and met my husband that I settled down with two Rottweilers - a brother and sister. When we shifted to our 10 acre property - we quickly realized that city raised Rottweilers living with sheep, ducks, chickens and cows was not ideal. With regret we let one of our Rotties go to a pet home in suburbia and I decided to investigate the possibilities of breeding and showing a smaller type of dog.
I fell in love with the smallest dog in the world : The Chihuahua!
I have recently added delightful Japanese Chins to our household and wonder how I ever lived without them

Selectively breeding to ensure correct breed type is maintained along with "soundness".

My breeding program is designed for the betterment of the breed.


We look forward to nurturing and showing our dogs to their fullest potential in the future

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Lyn Mcarthur
Lewiston, SA, Australia
Phone : +61408803026
Email : [email protected]

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