About The Club


The Pug Club of South Australia was founded in 1992 and currently has around 80-100 members.

Mission Statement


 The mission of the PCSA is to best represent the Pug community and its interests in SA and to do so we need to - 



  •  promote public awareness, interest and appreciation of Pugs
  • provide clear education about and maintenance of standards concerning Pugs, consistent with DogsSA's requirements
  • provide well organised and enjoyable Championships, Shows and Fun Days to give opportunities for breeders, owners, and dogs to compete and interact positively
  • publicise Pug matters and information to the Pug community through quarterly Twisted Tales
  • provide proper forums for debate, discussion and complaint resolution within the Pug community



The objectives of the club are:
a. Promote Pug dogs, and the improvement thereof in a manner consistent with the Constitution of the South Australian Canine Association (SACA) and to obtain such licenses and permits from the Association as are necessary or conducive to the attainment of this object;
b. Educate and encourage members, breeders, exhibitors and judges to abide by the requirements of and standards for pugs approved by SACA;
c. Promote and support competition in all practical ways and to hold such Exhibitions as are permitted by the Constitution of SACA and the ANKC in accordance therewith;
d. Promote public interest in Pugs;
e. Promote good fellowship among those interested in Pugs;
f. Hear and determine any objections, protests or complaints made by any member or exhibitor against any other member or exhibitor arising out of or in connection with an Exhibition conducted by the Club or any of its other activities;
g. Otherwise conduct itself in accordance with and observe the provisions of the Constitution of SACA and abide by any directions lawfully given by the Association from time to time.


Contact Details
Donna - Puppy Enquiries
Adelaide, SA, Australia
Email : [email protected]