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Welcome to my photo album.
Here is a collection of photos from my album that I hope you enjoy.
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DUAL CHAMPION (Retrieving) Tenarda Eagle Eye CDX AD NFD, 'Eagle'
Litter sisters AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Tenarda Independence, 'Dee', and AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Tenarda Ivory Mist, 'Misty'
Tenarda Iron Ore, 'Steele'.
as a young boy
DUAL CHAMPION (Retrieving) Tenarda Firecracker, 'Cracker', Sire of Apache, Rapa, River, Beaver, Rocky, and Vesper.
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Tenarda Hawk Eye NRD, 'Hawk', retrieving as a baby
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Tenarda Hawk Eye NRD, 'Hawk', enjoying a water retrieve as a young pup
Webfoot Arapaho Lass, 'Rapa', at 16 weeks - show training!
Webfoot Apache Lad, 'Apache', enjoying retrieving
Webfoot Arikarra Girl, 'Maggie', enjoying early retrieving training, while living on Brisbane's outskirts
Young Webfoot babies
Webfoot baby girls
Webfoot girl, 'Minnie', relaxing prior to going to her home in Melbourne
Webfoot girl, 'Goose', who has had an early start to her hunting and retrieving career near Tamworth
Webfoot girl 'Jessie' showing her retrieving talents, at 7 weeks
Webfoot baby, 'Jessie', happily settling in to her new home in Perth
'Jessie' growing up in Perth
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Baydog Buffalo Billie (Imp NZ), 'Buffy', is a combination of our own lines, with imported American and English lines.
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Tenarda Independence, 'Dee', - a Class in Group show winner
New babies! Born 3.10.09. Dam: Ch Baydog Buffalo Billie (Imp NZ) and Sire: Dual Ch (R) Tenarda Firecracker.

New Buffy and Cracker babies having their first swim, November, 2009!
Cracker and Trevor at the Australian National Retrieving Trial, 2009.
Webfoot Harvest Moon, "Moonshine"
Webfoot Gypsy Rebel, "Rebel"
Webfoot Chipewa, 'Bolt' son of 'Cracker' and 'Buffy', enjoying retrieving in water - owned and loved by Elizabeth and Pat.
Webfoot Comanche, 'Dutch', son of 'Cracker' and 'Buffy', relaxing at home - owned and loved by Rebecca and Heath.
Baby Webfoot Lone Ranger, "Ranger"
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Tenarda Gunsmoke, 'Matt'.
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Tenarda Going Great Guns RRD, 'Remi'.
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Webfoot Arapaho Lass, "Rapa".
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Webfoot Beaver, "Beaver"
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Webfoot Dakotah, "Yarra".
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Webfoot Eye of the Eagle, "Kestrel"

AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Webfoot Bear River, "River", BOB Qld Royal Show
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Webfoot Echo Valley, "Echo"
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Webfoot Apache Lad, "Apache"
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Webfoot Chinook Chief, "Rocky"
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Webfoot Kitty Hawk, "Kitty", Intermediate Retrieving Title (United Field and Retrieving)
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Webfoot Lone Ranger, "Ranger"
AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION Webfoot Mountain Mist, "Misty"


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