At Amblebrook we are dedicated to the Newfoundland.................

....we are Preserver, Exhibitor, Guardian and Breeder of  The Newfoundland ,  we are located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia; we have been proudly loved and owned by these gorgeous dogs since 1992.  Health, soundness, sweet temperament, type and quality are of utmost importance to us . We are completely and wholly dedicated to their wellbeing as a breed.


The Newfoundland is a special breed and is certainly NOT the breed for everyone, they are a big dog, double coated, (that requires grooming regularly) they can be slobbery and boisterous at times, and that tail can clear any coffee table in sight with one wag!  They, like any dog need to be taught basic obedience and manners, to be a joy to live with, there size can go against them in some situations.  You and the dog need to work together at obedience otherwise no one will be happy . A newfoundland is meant to be with people as part of  a family not left outside alone  day and night,  newfoundlands should be a family member first and foremost, loved and respected as they deserve.


Our experiences of owning newfs over the years have taught us how very important good health, sound structure and sweet temperament is.   Good movement,  and type are also very important to us . This is what we believe and will strive for without compromise.  All our breeding dogs are hip/elbow scored, cystinuria, and heart checked as indicated. All results available on request.


When we breed puppies , they are whelped and raised in our home as part of our family, with kids, cats and chooks in a loving and caring, clean environment,  they are loved and cuddled and well socialised, as a result they are sweet and happy puppys with loving, outgoing and confident natures. If you feel you can offer a life long home that can accomodate  their needs and you share our beliefs, please get in contact with us.



  ****   Puppies available at times   ****

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Puppies / older dogs may be available for adoption  occassionally , all  breed / general enquiries welcome.

Please feel free to contact us ....................dont forget to sign the guest book!!!!.


BUYER BEWARE:   If you wish to ensure you are buying your puppy from a registered breeder, 

PLEASE  contact the Canine Association in that state.  A simple phone call can give you peace of mind.

DogSA :  08 8349 4797

AMBLEBROOK NEWFOUNDLANDS is registered with Dogs SA.




Contact Details
Leah Jaques
Adelaide Hills, SA, Australia
Phone : 0413688321
Email : [email protected]

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