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The Neighbours Dog.

The neighbours dogs the Kelpie kind
Brown coat and pricked up ears
They got him bout a month ago
When frost was all around

He's caged out in a paddock
Without shelter, shade or run
My poodles used to watch him
When I let them out for fun

I don't think they quite believed
He was still alive each day
He used to watch the poodles
In a sad lost sort of way

I don't know how he managed
But he got loose one day
He ran up to the fence some company to see
His soft brown eyes so happy and a look of glee

But poodles aren't so friendly
When part of a close knit pack
An old girl growled a warning
The puppy ran away

And now that it is raining
With sleet and howling gale
The poodles are all  inside
With Snowy on my knee

But he's sitting there not moving
The water pouring down
Just waiting for salvation
Which never may be found.




Horace  (1996-2002)

I wake, I touch the bed- he's not there
I let out the babies-his son stretches -just like him
His baby sister turns her head - she has his dark clever eyes
Only his little white mother goes out with them in the cold morning air
 I step out of the shower, onto the floor
cause he sits on the bath mat-he's not there. 
I come home from work- there are no faces at the window
without him, the girls don't bother, He's not there. 
We go and water the new tree in the garden-He is here
But the girls will not come near
Can they see his silver shadow standing there?

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