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Home of Aust Champion Debbar Porsche 'A"Z' BSCL1  Multi Excellent Merit Best Bitch In Qld Three years In a Row

2010 GSDCQ Siegerine Excellent Merit 2011 GSDCQ Res Siegerine Excellent Merit beaten by NSW bitch 2012 GSDCQ  Res Siegerine Excellent Merit beaten by Victorian bitch sadly lost Porsche on the 06/08/13 and will be sadly missed never forgotten

And now her grand daughter Ch. Debbar Bella has won Open Bitch Graded Excellent for 2019 Qld State Breed Evaluation Judge Mrs Carol O’Rourke 

Let me Introduce myself I have been a member of the Canine Control Council Qld, & German Shepherd Dog Club of Qld since 1993 My first dog was mozart who was no good as a show dog but was excellent at obedience But we all have to start somewhere,since then I bought my Foundation Bitch  Tiffany From Astasia Kennels. I have gone though all Schemes with the club making sure I get all dogs hips and elbows exrayed and pass. also breed surveyed which consists of the conformation of the dog and gun and crowd tested I do Obedience with some of my dogs and with the help of Norma Deacon who Has got the Obedience titles on two of my dogs. My First litter was 2000,For the short time I have been breeding I feel I have done very well. For our Qld National in 2005 I Had 4 Dogs on the Pegs, At that national I got Presented with a Bronze medal From National Council For ten Dogs Passing with AZ Stamps,which means they have passed with there hips and elbows. Then in 2009 Qld national I got presented with silver medal which is 25 dogs passed with there hips and elbows. To Date I now have 62  I now have my gold Medal Presented at our July Champ show Qld 2019. Which I'm very proud of. In the Breed survey scheme I have 44 Breed Survey Classified  I have also Bred 28 Australian Champions. one CDX ET Abba owned by myself and Trained and handled by Mrs N Deacon. And one U D TDX by Debbar Grande who is owned and trained by Mr T E Telford and Mrs C G Pethers. and Three CD  Titled And now bred a beautiful bitch Aust Ch. Debbar Porsche 'A"Z'won Intermediate Bitch Class at Qld National 2009 Qld State breed 2010 Siegerin


 And now presented at the July Qld champ show 2019 have now got the gold medal for hips and elbows having more than 50  Passed 


I'm Now Proud to Announce That Debbar Kennels Won The Breeders Group For Qld State Breed Show ,2007, 2008,2010, 2019,2022 


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Debbie O'Keefe
Warwick, QLD, Australia
Phone : mbl 0417 739 806
Email : [email protected] or [email protected]

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