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Here is a small collection of photos of my dogs, plus some of the dogs we have bred and now living in their new forever homes; taken at varying stages of their development and lives.  Click on each individual photo to enlarge.  I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I have enjoyed watching them grow and develop into the beautiful characters they are today. 

It is traditional to show Yorkies with a red bow in their hair and with a red lead.  In many countries they are displayed on a box with a red velvet cover to highlight their beautiful colour.  Australia allows the Yorkies to be shown on their red velvet covered boxes at the NSW Yorkshire Terrier Club shows only, not at All Breeds shows.

The founding father of the Yorkie breed, Ch. Huddersfield Ben, born in 1865.
Ch. Huddersfield Ben 1865 - 1871.
Ben sired many pups in his short life and won 74 prizes at dog shows.
He was hit by a carriage and died at the age of 6 years but left his mark on the breed.
Dylan posing on his red velvet box with matching bow and lead 2013.
Donna 10 years old, my loyal friend that I miss so much
Donna at 10 years. We miss you so much little one.
Donna and Kyra chilling on the couch.
Donna my constant companion just before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. An amazing soul and in my heart always.
The beautiful Kyra and a tragic loss. Her kids, Bunny, Zolo and Carlo live on in her memory and her beauty.
Kyra smelling the daisies.
Kyra heavily pregnant with Bunny,Zolo and the other 4 bubs.
Ok, pregnancy is not what it is cracked up to be. You try carrying 6 bubs around for 9 weeks. And I'm over due here!
Kyra.....That sweet innocent look.
Carlo at 4 weeks
Carlo at 12 weeks
Carlo at 6 mths
Carlo blooming at 18mths
Carlo in fashion model mode. He loves the camera.
Carlo on the move at 2 years.
Carlo, the glamour boy. 4 years
Carlo takes his RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW win with pride at Mt Gambier.
Carlo winning RUBIG and AUST BRED IN SHOW in Albury.
Zolo at 8 weeks.
Zolo at 5 mths and the day he won Baby Puppy In Group, and of course at his first show.
Jazzuki Havnstopdancnyet aka Zolo. Hated being shown so we didn't persue his show career. However he is a major asset to my breeding program, producing stunning puppies, and he loves the ladies.
And here she is.....Bunny. Happiest soul in the world. Just loves life, pictured at 5 mths at her first show.
Always got a smile on her face. Bunny 8 mths
My favourite photo of Bunny. Took 50 shots to get this one but was worth the effort. "And just look at my topline"
Bunny, the day she Titled and very much, "over it!!" Not so smiley in this pic.
Dylan as a baby at 12 weeks old.
Dylan 18mths at the 2009 Royal Show.
Dylan 2 years. Such a sweet nature but very much a man on a mission always.
Dylan is now starting to really bloom at 3 years.
Dylan on the move at 2 1/2 years. 2010 Royal Melbourne Show.
Dylan at 3 1/2 years with his Breeder, Linda Shaw of Karojenbe Kennels
Our beautiful boy Dylan at 3 1/2 years. Thankyou so much Linda for taking his new photos for me.
Dylan became GRAND CH. Karojenbe Go On I Dare You on 15/8/2013. So proud of my beautiful boy for gaining his Grand Championship.

Grand CH, Karojenbe Go On I Dare You, Dylan posing beautifully.
2013 Royal Melbourne Show with me and Linda Shaw, Dylan's Breeder.
Pictured here after winning Best Of Breed at the 2013 Royal Melbourne Show.
Crowd cheering as Dylan takes the Best Of Breed at the 2013 Royal Melbourne Show.
Dylan at 4 years, waiting to go into the show ring.
Dylan gaining his Grand Championship under Breed Specialist, Mr Les Bradney.
Another photo of Dylan with one of his many Group wins

2013 Royal Melbourne Show on Finals Day. Dylan competing for Best In Group. This was his last show, he is now retired and sports a new cute hair cut. This photo shows his perfectly level topline and expression.
Geena 5mths
Geena at 6mths taking Bitch CC and Runner Up Best Of Breed at the 2009 Royal Melb. Show. And her first show to boot!
Geena 8mths
Geena pictured at just over 12 mths after she Titled. "All this photo stuff is a bit boring, if you ask me!"
Such a pretty looking young lady
And Geena being the glamour girl. She is the snob in the family, our "private school" girl.
Geena, 16mths........."What ever!"
Digby pictured at 3 weeks, Christmas 2009. Bunny's only child and born by C-Section.
Digby deep in conversation with Geena at 6 weeks
Digby at 12 weeks. What a cutie.
"You ain't putting no bow in my hair, just to take a pic!!"
Digby aged 5 mths
And such a cute face. Digby at 9mths
Digby 9 mths with that cheeky grin. He is a real mix of Dylan and Bunny with both of his parents good qualities.
Digby winning Puppy Of Breed at 2010 Royal Melbourne Show. Go "Diggles"
Digby starting to mature now at 18mths
Trixie at 9 weeks. Our new little Star. Very cute and so happy in life. Never still as there is too much to explore in life.
Trixie at 3 months. She has started her show career and seems to enjoy all the attention.
Trixie 10mths
Trixie at 14mths. I don't always have bling in my hair ya know. I do like to rough it with the boys too!
Trixie all glammed up after gaining her Championship as a Junior at 16mths. We are so proud of our "pocket rocket"
Baby Stella, aka Jazzuki Red Stillettos at 8 weeks.
Stella, 5mths. Doing the glamour look thing.
Stella at 12 weeks. Cute or what?
Our beautiful Stella at 14mths. Just looking the part! She gained her Championship just before this pic was taken at 14mths. Stella loves life, full of energy, never still and loves the sound of her own voice!!
Stella has developed beautifully as this picture shows. She is now retired from showing, with a very cute new hair cut, and has made a wonderful mother.
Introducing for 2014 our beautiful new baby girl, Jazzuki Call Me Angel Face or "Jeannie"
Jeannie wins Best Minor Puppy In Group at 7months of age
Jeannie wins PUPPY IN GROUP at 8 mths and is almost a Champion.
And looking more composed
Jeannie gained her Aust Championship at just 10 mths of age. So proud of our young lady
CH. Jazzuki Call Me Angel Face, " Jeannie " on the move at 10 mths. Beautiful movement.


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