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Dogs have always been an important part of my life and my love of Cocker Spaniels started when my family rescued a Cocker Spaniel cross from the RSPCA when I was 10 – she was a real personality and ran the Kingston household for the next 13 years.  I was hooked and except for a small period while I was at Uni, I have been owned by Cockers ever since.                                                                                                                                    


Kingsway entered the show ring with Kingsway Nachtmusik (Quinn) in 1992 but unfortunately work and family commitments prevented me from being able to concentrate on showing or allowing Quinn to reach his potential in the obedience field.


Kingsway is a small kennel that only produces a litter every couple of years but I’m pleased to say the last 4 litters have produced 5 champions and two obedience stars (OC Kingsway Double Jeopardy AD JDX owned by Pat Looker and Ch Kingsway Wild Date CCD AD JD owned by Chris Politis).  I have also titled 3 Tarrendayle girls.  My current show team consists of Noah (Ch Kingsway Touch Of Frost), Lucy (Ch Tarrendayle Turn The Page) and Tate (Ch Kingsway Turn Me Free).  Recent years have also seen success with Pippa (Ch Tarrendayle Moment In Time), Paige (Ch Tarrendayle Meltin Moment) and Daisy (Kingsway Silver Lining).  Noah and Tate are in partnership with my friend, Debbie Clarkson (Greywei Weimaraners).  All are multiple class in group winners in strong competition with Noah, Daisy, Lucy and Tate being multiple Class in Show winners.  Pippa, Lucy and Tate are Best In Group winners and Paige, Noah and Lucy are Runner Up In Group winners.  Noah is a Breed Specialty Best In Show winner and Tate is an All Breeds Best in Show winner under a breed specialist!!                                


highlight for this kennel was our success at the 2008 Cocker Spaniel National judged by UK breed specialist Joanna Darby of Classicway Cockers.  Noah was awarded 1st place in the Intermediate AOC Dog class and Lucy 2nd place in the Minor Puppy AOC Bitch class with Noah going on to win Runner Up Intermediate In ShowThese kids have followed in the footprints of their mother (Ch Tarrendayle Meltin Moment) who was placed 3rd in her class at the 2004 National judged by Pamela Hackett (Wiljana).


This success was repeated at the 2010 Cocker Spaniel National judged by another UK breed specialist Jinty Gill-Davis where Noah again won his class, the AOC Australian Bred AOC Dog class, Lucy was awarded 2nd place in the Intermediate AOC Bitch class and Tate was placed 4th in the Minor Puppy AOC Dog class.  Another proud day for Kingsway!  


Rhys (Ch Kingsway Double Agent) also shares our home and holds a special place at Kingsway.  At the end of 2000 he became the first Kingsway champion and by the time he retired prematurely at 4 years of age he had acquired nearly 400 points and was a Best in Group and multiple Class In Show winner.   


Princess Amy (Dual Ch (T) Kingsway Wild Date CCD AD JD) travelled north to Queensland in 2006 to start a new life with Chris Politis and her family.  In just 4 trials, Amy qualified for her CCD title!  Then Amy qualified in January 2008 for her AD title and in July 2008 for her JD title!!  In recent years she has excelled at tracking and is now a Tracking Champion!!! Amy is having heaps of fun but is also working hard as she concentrates on obedience, tracking and agility.  


The existence and success of Kingsway is largely due to Ann and Dennis O'Keefe (Glenayden) and Toni and Ray Dennis (Tarrendayle).  They have given me the privilege of access to their lines but their support and friendship is what I mostly value.  Thanks guys!


I am also in partnership in Greywei Weimaraners with my friends Debbie Clarkson and Norma Lacey so am learning the ropes of showing grey ghosts! 


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