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Welcome to our photo album.
Here is a collection of photos from our album that we hope you enjoy.
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Baby Indi
Lexi as "Madame Butterfly"
Lexi enjoying Earth Dog fun day
Fergal the Wizard
Where's the ducks
NZ Ch Hollystone Galdriel
Archie at 4 months
Ch Glenbogle Butterfly Kisses - "Willow"
Santa's little helpers
Jodie and Fergal
Ziggy in Tassie
Dressing up at the Border fun day
Indi in the window
How high would you like me to jump? - Fergal
Molly - Ch Glenbogle Gondors Lass - owned by Cathy, Gus and Kate
Ch Glenbogle Atwistof Magic NE ET - Indi
Ch Llanthro Lady Gin - Lexie
Abbey having a rest on the hay bail.
Belle and Maxwell owned by the O'Brien Family.
Ch Glenbogle Dare To Dream NE - Soda owned by Trish and Darren Stebbings
Elle owned by David and Jen
The kids having fun in our very wet hay paddock
Archie owned by Maria & Robert Powell in New Zealand - NZ Ch Davmar Cashman of Brindleoak (Imp UK)
Lizzy & Maria in the snow - on our way home from the National Dog Show in Fielding Oct 2009
Archie - NZ Ch Davmar Cashman of Brindleoak (imp UK)owned by Maria & Robert Powell New Zealand
Ruby - NZ Ch Chytrugh Lady T'Kaurii owned by Maria & Robert Powell in New Zealand
Jack - Glenbogle Sargeant Major, owned by David & Wendy Campbell
Lizzy (Glenbogle Lady B at Brindleoak), owned and loved by Maria & Robert Powell in New Zealand.
Gertie owned by Jodi & John Willems - 2010
Gertie and her friend, having a rest, after a hard day at work-2010
Jodi and Gertie, hard at work at the Vet clinic -2010
Jack checking on his neighbours, down at Korumburra Vic - 2010
Darcy and Spike, owned by Corinne O'Heir in WA - 2010
Darcy, owned by Corinne O'heir in WA
Abbey and Trevor tracking at Bendigo , in the early morning fog - 2010
Abbey found her tracklayer, me and her treat for finding me. Handled by Trevor Pillenger - 2010

Indie, daughter of Rikki, Getting a view from the back of the ute - 2010
Indie owned by Peter Quigley of Mt Eliza - 2010
Rikki daughter
Riley owned by Chris and Caroline Taylor. Riley has graduated from puppy preschool at Woofpurnay in Narre Warren Nth - 2010
It's hard being a puppy, with the things i have to do. Nice to take a nap - Riley 2010

Rikki and Dottie in the wetlands paddock taken in Dec 2010
Archie - doing his thing, just watching.

Rikki and her tennis ball. See if you can catch me!!
Mavis - owned by Matthew Drake NSW. She is daughter of Indi and Archie.
Abbey tracking in 2010. With Trevor Pillinger her handler.
Jodie with her favorite dogs, Dottie and Chad.
Archie and I at tracking practice at Officer, 2011
Dottie with Trevor, Kim and Rob, having one of her first practice sessions at Officer 2011
Abbey having a practice session at Officer 2011
Dottie with her first tracking pass. At Officer 2011. Judge Rob Tester. Also Dawn with one of the Dobes that passed on the same day.
Dottie with her Test 2 pass, and Abbey with her Test 6 (TDX) at Hasting Tracking Trial,June 2011. Judge Peter Miller. Very wet and windy day.
Abbey being presented with her Tracking Champion sash (Test 7) at Coldstream Tracking Trial, 26th June 2011. with Judge: Peter Miller
Jodie and Rikki, Dalmation Club of Vic ET, held at Keysborough 11th June 2011. They finished 20kms in 2 hours 35 minutes.
Jodie and Rikki, riding at the Endurance Test, having a wonderful time.
Elise and Abbey at Dalmation Club of Vic, Endurance Test, Keysborough. 11th June 2011
Elise and Abbey at Keysborough, endurance test, 11th June 2011
Abbey has a quiet cuddle with Elise after her 20kms endurance test. 11th June 2011
Archie, Abbey and Dottie having time out in the tennis court at Bendigo. 18th June 2011.
Huxley 9 weeks old
Owned and loved by Mark Crowley and Chad Hughes .
Mark and Huxley
In Melbourne
Polly owned by Elaine and Bob Allo in Sydney
Polly relaxing
Owned by Elaine and a Bob Allo in Sydney
Jock who is owned by Claire and Xavier in Geelong
How a border should sleep !
Jock is owned by Claire and Xavier in Geelong
Ok, I'm in who else is in for a swim!
Georgie, is in, and her two brothers watching. Ollie and Fergus.
Georgie and Fergus owned and loved by Jon and Jan in Melbourne
All 3 are 4 months old- March 2016
Hector with his new brother.
Owned by Sally and Craig in Berwick. 2016
Hugo and Molly.
Loved and owned by Cathy , Kate and Gus in Melbourne.
I'm just a tad hot, maybe I can fit my whole body in. Don't think so Ollie:)
My dear Fergal, getting more grey. Just a youngster at 14 1/2.
Charli owned by Wendy Vismans in Alice Springs.
Charli is a Dottie and Merlin daughter . 2015
In for a paddle. 2016
Winston, owned by Celeste Meier.
Merlin and his best friend Bommer. At the Lort Smith walk.
Spike and Corinne on a TSD street track in WA
Owned and loved by Jon and Jan
Fergus, owned and loved by
Jon and Jan
Milo in Alice Springs
Owned and loved by Wendy Vismans
The girls cooling off in the Todd River
Milo and Charli
Owned and loved by Wendy Vismans
Woo hoo, wind in my face. I'm a ute dog
Milo, owned by Wendy Vismans
Alice Springs
Milo, check out the blue sky.
Owned by Wendy Vismans.


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