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I love you Precious
although you dont look like my'll do...
I hate bath time!
warm and comfy
Quick....pretend your a statue
Happy Birthday
Me and Precious
Lets get mum
I'm watching you!
Muggels Won Best Baby In Show. At British Bulldog Centenary. Judge: Kevin Davis( World famous Mystyle-Ocobo Kennels 9 June 2007.
Old Ma & Pa Kettel in there bed.
These are the little ones, Maggels was there too, but she would not stop kissing all the kids, long enough to get her pic taken. lol
We had alot of fun Jacqui, I love seeing the kids happy faces, when they saw the bulldgs for real. Thankyou
This one little muggels, was a good girl.
I did'nt do it mum, Muggels riped the feather quilt, not me mum.
ho! will be happy when pups come out, they are all kicking me to bits!
spot the pups
Muggels wins Best Of Breed At the 2009 Adelaide Royal Show, 31 Bulldogs entered.
We are being GOOD GIRLS!!! MUM.
Dad in bed with 2 bitches, lol and they wont let me sleep!! lol
Muggels won Best Open In Group And Best Open In Show.
October 2010, welldone muggels lol
Muggels and I, when she won Best In Group at the Junior Kennel Club Of SA, 13-11-2010
we won this pic
The Grand Children of Iceglint I'm Edward. Septima, Snape and Padma
Mother and Son, Back for the Last Day at the Adelaide Royal Show for G/S and we had a wonderful day, Aust Champ Preciousbull UK Pomie Kiss (Narcissa) went in for Best In Group and did me very proud, She was pull out in the final top 7. So very happy, she won a 25 point Best Of Breed XX. Her son Preciousbull UK Pomie Lad (Garick) went out for Best Puppy In Group and he was set up, standing good and then we had to move up and back, Well he saw himself in the huge big TV screen, so he barking !!!
My first French Bulldog Draco XXX
Now Australian Grand Champion Preciousbull UK My Dads A Pom !!! (Bellatrix)
Look at these beautiful Angels, My friends daughter Samara and Preciousbull Kiss My Tookus XXXX Just love this pic XX Thank you Emily XX
Australian Grand Champion Preciousbull UK My Dads A Pom, Her babies !!!
A Add, In Dog News !!
My wonderful friend daughter Samara with their dog Preciousbull Kiss My Tookus (Nargles)
Darling Samara and Preciousbull Kiss My Tookus, Stunning pic XXX
Samara and her dog Preciousbull Kiss My Tookus !!!!
Preciousbull UK Pomie Jack (Voldemort) qualified for South Australia Puppy Of The Year !!!!!
Australian Champion Beautaureau Embrasse Mon Toosh (Draco) won the first CACIB of the Century !!!!!!!
Preciousbull UK Pomie Jack (Voldemort) Best Puppy Of Breed !!!Australian Champion Preciousbull UK Pomie Kiss (Narcissa) Challenge Bitch and Runner/Up Best Of Breed !!! Australian Champion Preciousbull UK Pomie Lad (Garick) Reserve Challenge Dog !!! At the Adelaide Royal Show 2018 !!!
December 1st was Dogs SA Dog and Puppy Of The Year, Sp very Happy my boy Preciousbull UK Pomie Jack ( Voldemort) was a Qualifier for Puppy Of The Years !!! So very proud of him and he did well for me in the ring XXXX

Me at the 2018 Dogs SA Dog and Puppy Of The Year !!!
Waltie and Fleur out enjoying to wonderful sun !!
Draco out in the wonderful sun playing with his toy !!!


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