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Preciousbull Stop The Press
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I would like to welcome Preciousbull Kennels Nargles, a beautiful Black brindle girl, Has a tail. She will be in the show ring soon.
Full Breed DNA done.
Coe-Rod Dystrophy1 - PRA (crd-4/cord1) Negative/Clear [No Variant Detected]
Degenerative Myelopathy Carrier [one copy of the variant Detected]
Hereditary Cataract Negative/Clear[ No Variant Detected]
Hyperuricosuria Negative/Clear [No variant Detected]
Multifocal Retinapathy CMR1 (mastiff/Bull Breeds Type) Negative/Clear [No variant Detected]
E Locus - (cream/Red/Yellow) E/E- Dominant Black Does Not Carry Yellow/red/white
EM (MC1R) Locus- Melanistic Mask Em/Em - two Melanistic mask alleles depends on A and K series
I Locus Colour Intansity i/i- Two copies of the MFSD12 Intensity Allele (Likely to show extreme Dilution)
Brown (345DELPRO) Deletion Bd/Bd - Does not carry brown/red/liver or Chocolate [Deletion]
Brown(GLNT331STOP) Stop Codon Bs/Bs - Does not carry Brown/red/liver or Chocolate [Stop Codon]
Brown (SER41CYS) Insertion Codon Bc/Bc- Does not carry Brown/red/liver or chocolate [Insertion]
Cocoa (Brown) Coat Colour Boo/Boo - NoCopy of the HPS3 Cocoa Variant
D (Dilute) Locus D/D - No copy of MLPH- D Allele (Dilute) - Pigment is normal
Dilute D2 Variant (Chow Chow Type) D2D2 - No copy of d2 allele (Dilute)- Pigment is Normal
K Locus (Dominant Black) KB/ky or kbr - One copy dominant Black (KB) and one copy of Non-Black (ky) Doy may be Brindled
A Locus (Fawn/Sable;Tri/Tanpoints) ay/ay - Fawn /Red or Sable only Produce ay Offspring
Pied (Both SINE and Repeat Variants) S/sp- carrier of piebald [ Limited white spotting, flash or parti]
Merle m[171bp]/m[171bp - non merle solid coat( No change to coat or eye colour)
Oculocutaneous Albinism Negative - Not showing the phenotype
Long Hair Gene (Canine C95F) Negative - Not showing the phenotype
Long Hair Gene (Canine DUPGG) Negative - Not showing the phenotype
Body Size IGSF1 "Bulky Gene" Heterozygous one copy insulin like growth factor (IGF1R) -A ssociated with a medium body (bulky) size

Pedigree for  Preciousbull Stop The Press
Breed : French Bulldog Bred by : Cherie Terry
Sex : Bitch Owned by : Cherie Terry
Date of Birth : 11-Mar-23 Handled by : Cherie Terry
Call Name : Nargles Available for stud : N/A
Sire : Ch. Beautaureau Toujours Le Joker S: Joker face's Yam Yam Maffig (DK) S: Leiboll's Crispy Coconut
D: AABECH Hope For Destiny (DK)
D: Ch Beautaureau Girl From The Hood S: Kiangsi Rileys The Boss
D: Bandandra Cleopatras Dream
Dam : Aust Champ Westobri Potins Chaud S: CarteTruffe How Do You Do S: Fin Champ Carte Truffe Wicked Gamee (FIN)
D: EE. Ch. EE. JR CH. FIN.CH INT. CH. LVA. CH. Carte Truffe Rumour Has It (FIN)
D: Briallen Charmant Coquette S: Aust Champ Daccord Valentino
D: Pendragan Okey Dokey

Show Results

  • 4-Nov-23  Minor of Breed
    Adelaide District WDC Inc & Welsh Corgi Club SA Inc ALL BREEDS Show (AM Show) (SA) (Champ Show)
  • 30-Sep-23  Minor of Breed
    Adelaide Hills Kennel Club Inc (SA) (Champ Show)
  • 27-Aug-23  Baby of Breed
    Canine Fanciers Kennel Club Inc (SA) (Champ Show)
  • 13-Aug-23  Baby of Breed
    Metropolitan Kennel Club Inc (SA) (Champ Show)
  • 17-Jun-23  Baby of Breed
    Riverland Dog Training and Kennel Club Inc (AM Show) (SA) (Champ Show)


Contact Details
Cherie Terry
Adelaide, SA, Australia
Phone : 0885243678
Email : [email protected]

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