Faibel Miniture Pinschers 

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The Miniature Pinscher

Size 11 inches at the shoulder
Exercise Requirements   very low
Grooming Requirements   very low
Weight 3 - 5 Kg (approx)
Life Span 10 - 17 Years (approx)


The Miniature Pinscher is a small but sturdy, smooth coated toy dog. A true miniature which shows no signs of dwarfism. He is naturally well groomed, proud, vigorous, alert and hardy with a precise hackney gait. His smooth, short glossy coat commonly comes in various shades of red or black & tan, however, he can also be chocolate & tan or blue & tan


The Miniature Pinscher was recognised as a breed more than 200 years ago and is known as the ZwergPinscher in Germany, its country of origin, where it received official stud book recognition in 1880. There is much speculation as to the origin of the Miniature Pinscher, however, one fact is certain: he is not a scaled down version of the much larger Dobermann, as it was not until 1890 that Louis Dobermann bred his first real Dobermann Pinscher.

Leading German scientists included information on dogs in their archeological reports on diggings. From these we are able to piece together an origin which ties Pinschers to one of the oldest family groups the Torfspitzgrupe (turf-rat-group). this theory is supported by two scientists, Drs Rutimeyer and Struder.

Dr Struder's findings were reported in Die Prahistorischer hunde in 1901, after skeletons of Torfspitz were recovered from numerous lakeside diggings in Switzerland, the stone implements and other evidence clearly classifying dwellings as early stone age. Even at this early stage there were clearly two opposing size tendencies, one toward the medium to large and the other to a dwarf or miniature size.


The Miniature Pinscher is alert but can be wary, which should not be confused with timidity. He adjusts well to people of all ages and can become possessive of his owners and territory. He is suited to all life styles, from apartment dwelling to outside farm living, young family to single companion. His acute hearing makes him an extremely good little watchdog.

Care / Grooming

His short coat is very easy to maintain, the occasional bath and light brushing will maintain his magnificent appearance.


This small hardy breed suffers few inherent health problems, and is adaptable to either indoor or outdoor living.


The Miniature Pinscher is suitable for any size premises, from a large house to an apartment. It is an extremely good watchdog, which is a great advantage for an elderly owner or people who live alone.

It loves to play games and go for a regular run or walk in the park. The breed is very trainable and is also prized as a willing Obedience and Agility exhibitor.

While the Miniature Pinscher isn’t normally an escape artist, it’s still a good idea to check fences for any small holes that it might be able to fit through. If a hand can fit through the hole, so can a Miniature Pinscher.

As with any other breed, it is not wise to let them off lead in unfenced areas if they aren’t well trained.

It is a robust, high-spirited dog with a big attitude. Fearless and easy to care for, the Miniature Pinscher truly is the King of the Toys.

Words: Jackie Hollings (June 2011)
1. Source: www.ankc.org.au

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