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Procedures & payments

My Procedures...

The one and only reason I choose to breed a litter, is for the betterment and future of my bloodlines and genetics and to exhibit my dogs in the showring. It is therefore paramount that I very carefully select the right puppy to keep and run on with. For whatever I am needing from that puppy, I have to make sure it has the right traits whether it be for the show ring or to lock into my lines a trait I am needing.

It is with this in mind I ask my puppy buyers to please be patient when I tell them I have a puppy for them!

How my procedure works is -hypthetically speaking- if I have a litter of 5 puppies, 3 boys 2 girls (lets say I am after a girl), I know I will have 4 puppies that I will need to place in forever homes. So I contact the first 3 people wanting boys and 1 person wanting a girl and let them know there is a puppy in the litter for them and ask for a deposit.

That deposit is not for an indiviadual pup, it's to let me know you are definiately serious in having one of these babies and secures your spot in that particular litter - NOT for a particular puppy!!!

However, I can assign a puppy if I am eliminating puppies from my choice, eg: in this example I am after a girl, so I know I do not need to keep any boys. This allows me to be able to assign them to buyers as they start to show their temperments (so that I can match them with your lifestyle info you have provided to me in the form of emails and ph conversations. I do my best to select a puppy that will suit you. Which is why I ask for your lifestyle info in the fist place). BUT, the person wanting a girl will have to wait untill I have chosen the girl that best suits my needs because this is THE ONLY reason I bred this litter. So I do ask for your patience and understanding in this matter. I usually will know by the time I vacc and chip them. So by 6 to 7 weeks of age. Just know you will get a pup, just which one is all. Also I hear a lot of pet people saying "It's a pet quality puppy, therefore it's not as good." This could not be further from the truth, and infact it takes me till 6/7 weeks because all my puppies are true and correct so it can be really hard to choose, often I am after the most outgoing temperament so I need the pup to be old enough to pass my temper tests, sometimes I am after a certain size or colour or head type etc... My "pet papers" do not mean a lesser quality dog, it means NO breeding from that dog and that is all. 

PAYMENTS .......

When I contact you to let you know there is a puppy in a litter for you, and you are wanting to go ahead, you pay a deposit of $300. This deposit is NON REUNDABLE if you change your mind!! If something happens on my end, God forbid, of course you get your dep back.

Then when they are microchipped I will let you know which puppy is yours if I have not already and you will need to pay the balance on that puppy.

All puppies needing to fly to their new homes need to be paid in full at the time of microchipping because they will need to be booked on flights ASAP due to delays in flights. I do all the flight bookings and try to do all on the same day, there is an extra charge of $100 each pup that is flying, as they will need a veterinary cert stating they are fit to fly closer to the flight date and transport to the airport. This is to be paid with the balance,so- $300 Deposit, $2,700 Balance, $100 for Fit to Fly and travel to airport = $3,100.  If a pup has to go on a differnt day to the others it will be $150 extra. So $3,150

Puppies being picked up by their new owners need to have been paid for and funds cleared 24 hrs beforehand

NO puppies will leave here untill all funds have cleared.

I accept the following payments - Cash, Bank transfers  and  crypto coins -: bitcoin,   to my crypto account.

Contact Details
Kim Jennings
Jimboomba, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0410406315
Email : [email protected]

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