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Logan is a younger brother to Harry and I will be honest when I say, I had great expectations that he would soon follow in his big brothers foot steps. I didn't think for one minute that they would be polar opposites. Harry loves the shows, he loves it when everything is all about him, where as Logan would rather stay home on the couch. Logan started off as a promising puppy taking out several baby puppy in groups and baby puppy in shows. We tried to help him enjoy it more but I suppose he was just a lazy bugger, if only he had the same energy in the show ring as what he does when pulling my washing off the line...he would have been a great little show dog. I thought giving him a break to mature might help but he just got too comfortable staying at home. When he was happy he showed his little backside off but then he would give me the look of "no, not today" and I could just about cry.

Once Covid hit and everything shut down, including our shows, I think he was thrilled we were all staying home with him. In between all the lock downs we brought him back out but he did protest several times making it less enjoyable for all of us. As the lock downs continued life goes on, during this time Logan became a dad, his daughter Rayne was a ball of energy and I prayed to the puppy gods to please let this one be a show dog.. my plea must have been heard and thankfully Rayne hasn't looked back once she finally hit the show ring, she loves it..

There has been many times I almost rehomed Logan so he could retire on a couch where he would not have to venture far from it but I just couldn't do it. I love this boy and to me he is a better dog than Harry, if we could just get him to enjoy showing half as much I don't doubt he could have the same success. I just couldn't give up on his possible potential. He just about brings tears to my eyes while watching him strut around the backyard, I often walk away shaking my head thinking why can't he do this in the bloody show ring!

Thankfully I am just as stuborn and pig headed as what he is, each show entry has a strong possibility of being scratched on the day if he gives me that dreaded look of - no, not today.. I live in hope of the short bursts of what he can achieve when he wants to.

As I was doing the show entries for Yarram I had my usual thoughts of why bother while filling in his details...

Thank you Julie for coming with me, you could not have picked a better time to attend your first dog shows.  Between not really wanting to go due to personal reasons and then car issues that meant an expensive repair along with a 5 hr delay we finally made it before dark to settle the dogs and set the tent up. As the shows began all I could do was ask Logan is today a good day mate, do you want to be a show dog?... Well bugger me... what a day it turned out to be..

They stepped in the ring and off they went and he looked like he was enjoying himself. Logan not only got DCC but went on to win Best Of Breed. The Yarram & District Canine Club is also known as the Elaine Powell Memorial Show and has a special class dedicated to Elaine, this is a run off between the best of breed Pug and best of breed French Bulldog, her much loved breeds. I can't express how thrilled and shocked I was for Logan to win this class - his father Boomer won it last year. He then went on to win Runner Up In Group. To add to the excitement he did it again the following day winning another Runner Up In Group. Better late than never - right :D

Thank you Leanne and Paige Trotter and Anne and Sarah Lay for being so paitent with Logan. Fingers crossed he keeps enjoying himself.

Logan (left) Reba (right) at 10 weeks old. Such gorgeous babies.
Logan, show training..3 mths old
Logan, Best Baby Puppy In Show. Pug Club of Vic Champ Show 2019
Logan at Yarram just shy of 3yo
Logan and Leanne at the Yarram and District Canine Club 2022.
Logan and Rayne. Father and daughter.



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