*CH. Hasenway Wild Knight

‘KITT’, the Knight Industry Two Thousand, whelped on 11th September, 1992.
The ultimate show dog!
Kitt burst into the ring as a Minor Puppy and won the National. His career spanned for the next 8 years and with his feisty character he challenged all before him.
His show career followed the path that National Council envisaged our key dogs would follow.
As a Junior at the Main Breed show in 1993 Barry O’Rourke showed the crowd how this dynamic young dog could run. He had Pat McDermott gait Kitt around and around challenging the other young hopefuls. The excitement grew and the atmosphere was electric by the time Barry crowned the up and coming Junior Seiger.
The following year Louis Donald put Kitt, who was just 2 years old, in the V. 1. position at his first run in the Open class. Too young for a V.A. but the heir apparent.
As a two year old, the new kid on the block, with Kylie in charge, out-gaited his father and won gold at the National. He had achieved the ultimate and managed to beat the Big 3. Tyson, Kruger and Tramp!
In 1996 he led a lovely young progeny group and was made V.A. and crowned Seiger by Max Stokes. In 1998 he had 4 progeny with him in the V.A. group.
Always the show dog Kitt won a record amount of Best In Shows and was excellent graded over 60 times.
He also won a couple of dual trophies along the way to show great beauty can also have brains.
Kitt continued to challenge the younger dogs and continued on his winning way until he retired at 8 years of age.
At 13 age finally slowed him down and the excitement of him charging the show ring and challenging his sparring partners were just fond memories.
I lost my faithful friend in January 2006 but still see him in the progeny I look out at in the yard. 
Thanks for the memories Kitt.

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