Photo Album

Welcome to our photo album.

We hope you enjoy seeing the many Yiriwyre Wirehaired Fox Terriers now living with our extended families
Here is a collection of those photos  that we hope you enjoy.

Many thanks to the happy owners that have supplied some of the photos in this album, usually sent with lovely emails outlining the wonderful life these wires are living.

You will notice that some of them have been stripped (darker colours) whilst the softer colours come from those pets that have been clipped.
To enlarge the photo, just click on it. (This will create a pop up window.)

Di showing Am.Ch.Yiriwyre Aussie Maid in Hawaii
Hi five seems to get the humans in
keep still you have something in your ear
wires playing tag
Happy family shot
I thought I saw it go in here
pondering on what his day will bring
hugh with his yellow ducky
Dogone tired!!!
No sleeping in even if it is Sunday
A roll in the Park
Traffic Rule No 1 "seat Belts"
a unusually large litter for a wire
sunning oneself helps pass the day away
Wot alot of Bull
oops lost my place
blow the music wots down there
Penalty for being naughty
Kerbside Collection?????
Sail ahoy mateys
winners at the WFTA show in UK
making coats again mum
Yes, I got the babes up here on my own
Can I slide down now
Aint I just too cute for words
Surfing in the shallows
Collecting shells on the beach
Fun on the Beach
And puppy makes four
Ch. Yiriwyre Rumour Has It
Becky cleaning up
Yiriwyre Hey Checkme Out (Checker)
Just guarding Dads bag
Ch.Yiriwyre Perfect Match (Peter) son of Supreme GC Yiriwyre Whistleblower.
Birthday boy with his cupcake
Exploring the countryside
Toffee, a successful rehoming for a this little girl, now belongs to the bicyle/coffee club
A rabbit went this way
meeting my new friend
making my way home
I've seen the show wires stand like this. Something about "on tip toe of expectation" according to our standard
I could get into my basket, but mums lap is OK
Waiting for my ship to come home
Yiriwyre Catchme If Youcan (Chaser)
HUGH pondering where to hide Teddy
Hi welcome to my home
I can jump Yellow Hoses
Brotherly love
You think you are tough cos you are on top
So you are home Mum, please let me in
peeping at the neighbours



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