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Photo : Ch & O.Ch Astasia Carson UD ET PT "Carson" & Abhaben Noah AOC UD TDX "Sabre" (January 2001)

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We are Exhibitors, Trainers and Triallers of German Shepherds, and previously Belgian Shepherd Malinois and Bouvier des Flandres. We love our dogs, they love to compete, but most of all they are a part of our family and have been raised with our children and other pets. Our Rainbow Bridge page is dedicated to our loving friends who have already sadly left us and we have also included some  pages that show photos of our dogs at work in varying disciplines.  We will update as they try new things. A special page has been included to allow us to show "Jazz" on her road to recovery after undergoing surgery for a very nasty injury in 2005.  This way we can thank all those that have put so much time into her rehabilitation.


As the end of 2010, we saw the start of a new era as we were granted our breeders prefix

" Castastar German Shepherds "

This name came about from the joining of two names .... Carson & Starr .... to commemorate two very special, multi-talented, german shepherds

Ch & O.Ch *Astasia Carson UD ET PT and his daughter O.Ch *Astasia Starr UDX AD JD HSAs TD ET BH



- We have owned or bred the following -

* * Conformation Show Champions * *
Ch & O.Ch *Astasia Carson ET PT
Ch Haren Teisha Jean CD
(Bouvier des Flandres)
Ch Vonrusselhof Addonis CD ET HT (Belgian Shepherd Malinois)
Ch Estrik Sierra CDX ET HT (Bouvier des Flandres)
Ch *Astasia Enya CDX ET HT
GRAND Ch Vanrusselhof Diabolo CDX ET PT BH
(Belgian Shepherd Malinois)
Ch Vanrusselhof Just WatchMe CCD RN ET HT (Belgian Shepherd Malinois)
Ch & Neuter Ch *Astasia Cinnamon RN ET HT
Ch *Astasia Elli CD RN ET HT

Ch *Castastar Alexi ET PT
Ch *Castastar Blade ET HT
Ch Castastar Evita ET HIT
Ch *Castastar Delilah HT
Ch *Castastar Eragon
(owned by Debbie O'Keefe)
Ch *Castastar Gemeka HIT (owned in partnership with the Cullen Family)
Ch *Castastar Incognito (owned by Cullen Family)
SUPREME Ch *Castastar Over The Wall (owned by Margaret & John Purcell)
Ch *Castastar Gringo HT (owned by Kylie Zimmerle)

* * Neuter Conformation Show Champions * *
Ch & Neuter Ch *Astasia Cinnamon RN ET HT
Ch & Neuter Ch *Castastar Delilah HT

* * Obedience Champions * * 
Abhaben Noah AOC
Ch & O.Ch *Astasia Carson ET PT
O.Ch *Astasia Starr UDX TD AD JD ET HSAs BH

* * Excellent Merit Graded Animals * *
Ch & O.Ch *Astasia Carson ET PT
Ch *Astasia Enya CDX ET HT
Ch & N.Ch *Astasia Cinnamon RN ET PT
Ch *Astasia Elli  CDX RN ET PT
*Castastar Acacia
(owned by Janice Perkins)

Ch *Castastar Alexi  RN ET PT 


 * * Siegers & Siegerins * *
* Ch & O.Ch Astasia Carson ET PT -  State Sieger 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2001
* Ch Astasia Enya CDX ET HT - State Siegerin 2002
* Ch & N.Ch Astasia Cinnamon RN ET HT - Puppy Seigerin 2009, Res Intermediate Seigerin 2010
* Ch Astasia Elli CD RN ET PT - Minor Puppy Seiger 2009, Intermediate Seiger 2010, State Vice Sieger 2013

* Ch Castastar Alexi ET PT- Minor Puppy Seigerin 2011, Res Intermediate Seigerin 2012
*Castastar Acacia - Intermediate Seigerin 2012 
(owned by Janice Perkins)
*Ch Castastar Blade ET HT - Minor Puppy Seiger 2012
Castastar Eragon - Minor Puppy Seiger 2015
(owned by Debbie O'Keefe)
Ch Castastar Evita - Intermediate Seigerin 2016

* Ch Castastar Alexi RN ET PT - State Siegerin 2017
Castastar Gringo - Minor Puppy Sieger 2017
(owned by Kylie Zimmerle)
Castastar Gemeka - Minor Puppy Siegerin 2017
Castastar Gisella - Res Minor Puppy Siegerin 2017
* Castastar Fallon HT - Res Intermediate Siegerin 2017
Castastar Incantation - Intermediate Siegerin 2019
Castastar Sergio - Minor Puppy Sieger 2022

* Castastar Acacia - Minor Puppy Seigerin 2011, Vice Seigerin 2013, State Seigerin 2014 & 2015 (owned by Janice Perkins)
Castastar Incognito - Baby Puppy Seiger 2018 (owned by Cullen Family)

New South Wales
Castastar Evita - Baby Puppy Seigerin 2015
Castastar Sophia - Res LSC Baby Puppy Siegerin 2022


* * GSD National Shows * *

2023 - Melbourne, VIC

2022 - Sydney, NSW
Castastar Sophia - 8th Baby Puppy bitch LSC
Castastar Oleander - 10th Intermediate Bitch
Castastar Incantation - 6th Open Bitch

2020 & 2021 - Cancelled due to COVID 19

2019 - Melbourne, VIC
Castastar Jorga - 19th Baby Puppy Bitch
Castastar Incantation - 4th Junior Bitch
Castastar Incognito - 8th Junior Dog

2018 - Adelaide, SA
Castastar Gringo - Junior Dog WINNER

2017 - Brisbane, QLD
* Ch Castastar Alexi - 11th Open Bitch
Ch Castastar Evita - 4th Intermediate Bitch
Castastar Gisella - 8th Baby Puppy Bitch
Castastar Gringo - 4th Baby Puppy Dog
Castastar Groovy - 7th Baby Puppy Dog

2016 - Sydney, NSW
* Ch Castastar Alexi - 15th Open Bitch
Castastar Evita - 23rd Junior Bitch

2015 - Melbourne, VIC
Castastar Delilah -  29th Intermediate Bitch
Castastar Ella - 20th Baby Puppy Bitch
Castastar Evita - 21st Baby Puppy Bitch

2014 - Canberra, ACT
* Ch Castastar Alexi - 4th Open Bitch
* Castastar Acacia - 17th Open Bitch
Castastar Delilah - 33rd Minor Puppy Bitch
Castastar Diplomat - 3rd Minor Puppy Dog LSC
* Ch Astasia Eli - 20th Open Dog

2013 - Adelaide, SA
* Castastar Acacia - 8th Intermediate Bitch
* Ch Castastar Alexi  - 13th Intermediate Bitch
Castastar Cortez - 9th Baby Puppy Dog

2012 - Hunter Valley, NSW
Castastar Acacia - 2nd Junior Bitch
  Ch Castastar Alexi - 5th Junior Bitch
* Ch Astasia Eli - 16th Open Dog

2011 - Sydney, NSW
* Ch Astasia Eli - 8th Intermediate Dog

2010 - Melbourne, VIC
Ch Astasia Eli - Junior Dog

2009 - Brisbane, QLD
Astasia Eli - 3rd Baby Puppy Dog
Astasia Cinnamon - 5th Minor Puppy Bitch

Recipient of the GSDCA Bronze Breeder Achivement Award for Breeding 10 animals that have successfully passed the A & Z Schemes for Hips and Elbows - Awarded July 2018

Recipient of the GSDCA Silver Breeder Achivement Award for Breeding 25 animals that have successfully passed the Z Schemes for Elbows - Awarded July 2022


Last Update - 7th July 2022

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Jimboomba, QLD, Australia
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Email : [email protected]

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