Hayden and kids

Welcome to our photo album.
Here is a collection of photos from our album that we hope you enjoy.
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Hugo, Hayden & Brie baby at 11 weeks
Glenayden Party Waggin 12 weeks
Trinket - Hayden and Brie
Trina - Hayden and Truly 9 weeks
Hugo - Hayden and Brie 11weeks
Glenayden Love Waggin - Hayden & Truly
Trinket just 3months
Trixsey - Hayden x Brie
Trina Baby In Group 1st show!
Trina taking Baby In Show
Amy - Hayden/Truly
Edward and Teddy
Hayden's black and tan boy 7 weeks
How pretty is this
Pretty in Tan
cute little bundles
3.5 weeks just getting about
Razz with her babies all doing well
Meg with her new litter of seven all doing well
Hayden & Razz babies 6 weeks
Hayden x Razz cute
Hayden x Razz babies with mum
Trinket and Trina at cocker show, 2nd & 3rd
Jie with Razz x Hayden babies
Razz's pretty baby girl 8 weeks
How pretty is this
Lilly & Angus Hayden X Cindy Babies
Lily - Hayden x Cindy
Angus - Hayden x Cindy
pretty girl - Razz/Hayden
Hayden x Meg's baby girl
Hayden x Meg Ryangaye Reason To Wag
Hayden babies proudly owned by Anna Hatherly
Lily Hayden baby sister to Angus with proud mum Anna
how sweet, Hayden x Dusty owned by Ray Hayman more coming soon
Hayden - Free standing
Hayden in flight
Hayden and Ann
Hayden and Gaye Allen
Hayden and Ann
Hayden's body shot
Me and Hayden in Jail
Hayden's daughter in the US
Hayden at Sydney Royal 09
Hayden with Dennis at Cocker show
Edward - Winfree Do I Dazzle you son of Hayden
Winfree Tansanite - Hayden daugther US
Hayden kissing
Hayden enjoying our change of season
Amanda with Flag Baby In Group 1st of many!
Flag - Braycharm Stars 'N' Stripes
'Lincoln' Braycharm
Mr President
'Lincoln' taking it all in
Hayden just before returning to the US
such a proud boy - we will miss him xx
We were a great team, will never forget you Hayden
Hayden has left Glenayden we miss you heaps



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