Kieserhund German Shepherds

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Here is a collection of photos of my dogs and dogs that I have bred.
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Kieserhund Carbon Copy (Fritz) out for a morning paddle
Kieserhund Coupe De Ville (Timba) such a handsome man
Kieserhund Cuda's Legacy (Hugo) looking over baby Benjamin

Kieserhund Custom Made (Duke) having a play with dad Wayne
Kieserhund Daimler Sleek (Casper) having a quiet afternoon
Kieserhund De Lorean (Rufus) such a little spunk
Kieserhund Enough Said (Fonzie) heyyyyy

Kieserhund Ozzy Osbourne (Oberon) loving life in the tropical north
Kieserhund Fire Cracker (Jodie)snuggling up with her buddy
Kieserhund Quintessential (Zena)
Kieserhund Manoke Man (Kavi)
Kieserhund I'll Be Back (Zues)
'A'2/2 'Z' 0/0
Kavi doing what Shepherds do best, being a loyal companion to his family.
Kieserhund King Charlie (Max)
Kieserhund Queen Esther (Zoe)
Kieserhund Opal Nera (Jess)
Kieserhund Black Thunder (Thunder)
Kieserhund Flying Zuess (Zuess)
Rheba and Grace - mother and daughter
Pendragan Rags T Riches 'A' (Rheba) my foundation bitch and friend.
Kieserhund Fire Cracker (Jodie)
Kieserhund Eye Spy (Kosta)
Rosie, Ray and Zeena
Kieserhund Blue Opal (Jess)
Kieserhund Fire N Ice (Jessica)
Kieserhund Hurly Burly (Zena)
Kieserhund Attila Thhun (Kaiser)
Kieserhund Geisha Girl (Minato) Living in Japan
Kieserhund Grand Sultan (Sultan)
Kieserhund Hey Ray C (Ray)
Kieserhund High Roller (Axel)
Kieserhund Jazz N Dixie (Dixie)
Kieserhund Jessie's Girl (Kallie)
Kieserhund Just Diamonds (Veuve)
Kieserhund Led Zeppelin (Jet)
Kieserhund Just Azziam (Bella)
Kieserhund Gracious Lady (Chaya) with her mum Beth catching up on the news
Kieserhund Manhattan Blu (Millie) so well trained by her owner Brianna Weier.
Kieserhund Henschke Red (Gracie)the mother of Manhattan Blue (Millie) Gracie is a proud Aussie supporter.
Kieserhund Fast Tracker (Saxon)
Kieserhund Ima Bond Girl (Morgan)
Kieserhund My Shadow (Shadow)
Kieserhund Memphis Belle (JayJay)
Kieserhund Natural Diva (Lara)
"Just Chillin"
Chaya helping her Mum recouperate.
Shadow meeting new friends at "Million Paws Walk" Noosa.
Kieserhund Marchanna Joy "Misty" looking very well behaved.
Kieserhund Pot Belly (Maxwell) with his little buddy.
Kieserhund Kaos Agent (Rex)
Kieserhund Krystal Myth (Kanika)
Kieserhund Mecedes Benz (Jed)
Kieserhund Onyx N Gold (Xena)
Kieserhund Quixoti (TJ)
Kieserhund Quantum Leap (Luger)
Kieserhund Quo Vardis (Kearney)
Bob and Misty
Kayrossi Dark Angel (Luger) 'A'Z' mother of Jack Daniels, Just Diamonds, Only Prada, Led Zepplin, Just Azziam and more....



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