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Kieserhund German Shepherds has formed a wonderful partnership with the Weier family, all of my litters are sent to the Weier farm

between 6-8 weeks of age for the final imprinting and temperament testing. At the farm the pups spend many hours with the children aged

from 2 years to 18 years and are socialised around the chickens, horses and other dogs. I have found this to be invaluable for young pups

going into the family environment and gives the puppy a sound start in life and the new owner a self assured puppy.



   I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Weier family as I have learnt to rely on their help  and care of my precious babies.                        



I loved the area so much that I have since moved a few kilometres up the road from the Weier family. I have also become a foster parent and have

three young boys, we are surounded by cattle and have loads of wildlife dropping by. So now the puppies are socialized at home with the children and I.

The Weier family are constant visitors as are my neighbors and friends.



       Kieserhund now has a facebook page feel free to post photo's of your Kieserhund puppy / dog or leave a post.

We are excited to announce our next planned litter





Kieserhund Leap of Faith
Vomambach Xcessive Force 
Confirmed in whelp and due July 30th 

Kieserhund Leap of Faith AZ full DNA profile (Pippa)

Vomambach Xcessive Force AZ full DNA profile (Force)







All Kieserhund puppies are hand picked to match the family they are going to.
They come with a comprehensive puppy pack of information, training advice,
pictures of your puppies ancestors,a 4kg bag of Royal Canin Maxi Junior dry food
to start you off, copies of parents hip/ elbow certificates, breed surveys. We offer
ongoing support with your puppy and love to keep in contact and see photo's.
Kieserhund puppies are not sold for breeding, showing, export or security
unless a prior arrangement has been made with us, therefore all puppies are sold
on limited register.




  Below are some of the pups I have bred.








Kieserhund Pink Floyd (Phantom)
Kieserhund Iron Bark (Sophie)
Kieserhund Coupe Deville (Timba)
Kieserhund Grand Prix (Gideon)
Kieserhund Daimler Sleek (Casper)
Kieserhund Pete's Triumph (PJ)
Kieserhund Zoolander
Kieserhund Nick of Time (Aine)
Kieserhund Midnight Express (Karma)
Kieserhund Only Prada (Prada)
Kieserhund Jail Break (Pyro)
Kieserhund High Roller (Axel)
Morgan (born Jan 06) and Maggie
Kieserhund Just Azziam (Bella)
Karla born Jan 06
Rex - toilet training!
Amadeus, Gunter & Kato, born Jan 06
Jedda, July 05
Saki, September 02
Kallie March 06
Kieserhund Galleon Rum (Umanga)
Kieserhund Fire Wolf (Wolf)
Kieserhund Led Zeppelin (Jet)
Jet, Dozer & Ruby
From Luger & James
5 week girl from Gracie & Archie born 9/3/07
Who said keep off the grass???
If you can't find a pillow!!!!
I can touch my nose with my tonque!!!!
Now where's he hiding????
Kieserhund Onyx N Gold (Xena)
Kieserhund Newtons Rule (Max)
Kieserhund Pirate Pete (Pete)
Prada cooling off at Flanagans Reserve.
Kieserhund Grand Prix (Gideon)
Kieserhund Arch Enemy (Mace)
Kieserhund ZZ Top
Kieserhund Crème Brulee (Shadow)
Kieserhund Venetian Skye (Skye)
Kieserhund Ouzo N Coke (Poppy)
Kieserhund Cuda's Legacy (Hugo)
Kieserhund Daimler Sleek (Casper)
Kieserhund Joy Ride (Chaya)
Kieserhund Zoolander
Kieserhund Dodge Challenger



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