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Rally & any other outdoor activity
is better together with your yorkie companion!


Rally (formerly known as Rally O)

Whether you’re young or old, fit or not so fit , Rally Obedience is the
ideal sport that is fun for both handler and dog.


Above: Yetholme Free Style,  (Cougar) 10 years old,

by Gr Ch Yetholme Make Mine Mink, ex
Yetholme Wild And Free,
with his beautiful four year old owner (she shares Cougar with her mum).
Every dog deserves a kid!!

Pic (above), friend's grandson Jack, with her yorkie, buddies!
Charli is now
Australian Neuter Champion Yetholme Charlotte's Karma
proving that the beloved family pet can also be a show champ.

Dogs of all ages enjoy Rally, and it is less strenuous than other dog
sports as there is no running involved.
What is also special about Rally is that the handler has the opportunity to talk,
pat and praise their little furbabies as they follow the numbered signs,
and carry out the various exercises depicted on these signs.
Rally  became an official dog competition sport in Australia in January 2012, and is gaining in popularity.
It is also
the fastest growing dog sport in America and Canada. 

At Novice level, dogs negotiate a course having between 10 and 15 signs (not including the start and finish)
and work on lead during the trial. There is a total of 50 signs gradually increasing in complexity. The higher
levels of Rally  use up to 20 signs including many of the more complex ones and complete the courses off-lead.
This can be challenging as you won’t get the same course twice, but both you and your dog will enjoy
learning new skills, and you can have a laugh along the way, especially when the execution of the
exercise does not turn out the way it should.
You can easily set up a course in your own backyard or check local obedience clubs that have
Rally O instruction.


The best dog for your family isn't in a pet shop.
It's with its family waiting to meet you.
Support responsible purebred dog breeders.


Over almost 40 years, our 'services' to the breed and other areas include:
Active involvement in breeding and exhibiting quality Yorkshire Terriers for 30 years; prior to that, breeder/exhibitor of
top quality Anglo Arabians and Welsh Mountain Ponies since 1960;
Life Membership of the NSW Yorkshire Terrier Club, for more than 10 years as Editor of the newsletter and other areas;
(Formerly) breed lecture presenter to trainee judges;
Justice of the Peace, NSW;
Recipient of Papal Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice;
A 24/7 yorkie 'help line' ;
Yorkie Rescue;
Aspirations:  for many years have been compiling a history of the yorkie in
Australia with the view to writing a book one day.

 We are grateful to our wonderful puppy people; they are the greatest exponents and ambassadors for the yorkie breed; they
present their 'babies' beautifully and take
them out to out where the people are,
they enjoy their dogs and the companionship they bring...  walking, the beach, parks,
and just generally make them visible to the public and  proudly 'sell' their virtues
to anybody who asks about them.  Many people do not know what a yorkie is,
often confusing them for the 'Sydney Silky', the former name for the Australian Silky Terrier. 
Pet people are vital to the continued existence of the showdog, to purebred dogs
in general, instead of the current trendy fad of so-called 'designer dogs' which are
beset with so many health problems. 

BE DOGKIND TO MANKIND - Share your life with a yorkie.  You'll be hooked.

Charli (Neu. Ch Yetholme Charlottes Karma) has a repertoire of tricks too, including saying her prayers
Cracker, a Biskit/Karma baby. Just to get out into the outdoors with your yorkie is an adventure.
Yetholme Karmels Lilla and friend. They now live in France.
Yetholme Sapphire Days, stretching his legs.
Frisbees with friends
Just hanging out...!
Meeting new friends...
Three amigos - Yetholme Karmels Baxter
Mary and Darcy from NZ, enjoying a day on the water
Puppies in the park
Yetholme Spicy Lewis - farm dog



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