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Not Forgotten

The photo shows as you are looking at it, June Garvican on the left in blue and Jean Jones in chartreuse on the right.  They are about to attend the marriage of Darren (June's nephew) & Zoe in Coventry, England).

It would be remiss of us if we did not mention a key founder of "Leberhine" .........my mother, my fathers wife for 34 years.

 June Garvican

10th September 1942 - 9th February 1994.


This is a poem written by my Aunt (Jean Jones) to my daughter Nikita to help her cope with the loss of her beloved 'Mama'.

Memories of June

June like her name, was as bright as a summer day,
She cared for all of us in her own independant way.
She was happy and kind, and oh, what a find
For you to have her for your nan.
She'd take on the world if she thought she could win,
And would always protect her kith and kin.
When she was ill she wouldn't complain,
Although we knew she was in such pain.
And now she's gone and we feel so alone,
And sometimes we cry, but we're not on our own.
She's looking over each one of us,
I can imagine her saying, hey what's all the fuss.
 She knows we loved her and always will,
And I'm proud she was my sister.
J.V. Jones - Coventry - England
Hugh Garvican the founder of Leberhine, died on his great-grandson's birthday 18th December 2018.



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