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Welcome to another photo collection.
We hope you enjoy the photos. They allow you to view a little of our lifestyle here at Leberhine and some of our pups which have been placed in loving homes.  To enlarge the photo, just click on it. (This will create a pop up window.) 

Most of Leberhine pups are bought again from 'satisfied' owners.  As  many are 2, 4 or 5 buyers of our dogs wishing to replace the loved they have 'lost'.


Leberhine Escobar @ 5 weeks (Jaz x Seven) - proudly owned by S. Govett
Leberhine Ijaz - Handsome is as handsome does!
Leberhine Escobar (Otto) @ 8 mths.
Brad with Leberhine Everest aka Sampson. Proudly owned by Brad & Heidi De Luca. Brad & Heidi have since established Everlieb Kennels.

Brad De Luca of De Luca Motorsport racing in the Historic Car category.
Hugh and Murray Walker (the voice of motor racing) at the Clipsal 500 held in Adelaide each year.
Our dogs really do live in the house!
Darkana Chianti aka Tia(x Jaz) Proudly owned and bred by Judy Barlow
Darkana Keanu (x Jaz) aka Ki (Demi's dam) proudly owned and bred by Judy Barlow
A/Ch Darkana Charity CD (Jaz daughter). Proudly owned by V & M Drummond
Leberhine Burgundy aka Ruby (Jaz daughter) & Coby (Nilson son). Proudly owned by Cherry & Barry Moore
Cherry Moore with Cobie & Ruby
Leberhine Callefornia aka Shep with owner Barry Moore
Leberhine Burgundy - Ruby, growing old gracefully.
Jake at 5 years
Merry Christmas from Jake 2011
Leberhine Africa aka Mali. (Nilson grand-daughter x Jaz)proudly owned by Robyn Staehr
Rinty of Phoenix aka Rinty with Dawn circa 1964.
I know I'm precious 'cos I adopted them 18 years ago when I got lost and they won't get rid of me! Purr purr.........HAHAHAHA. RIP Puss Puss...January 2016
Leberhine Fuzz aka Rocky - proudly owned by The Crouch Family.
Bryan Montgomery with Leberhine Foster aka Illidan
Dawn, Coco, Noah & Fly.
Noah, Hugh & Fly (boy) 2011
Darkana Chianti x Leberhine Fly. Mika and her best canine friend Barney. Mika is proudly owned by the Covino family.
AWWWW!!!!! Very cute Mika.
Fly son x Darkana Chianti (Max) proudly owned by Anne Nagel & family

Max and pal at one years old. Proudly owned by the Nagel family.
Max aged 2 years
Leberhine Espiritu aka 'Fly Girl' proudly owned and very loved by Heather & John Symons
"Fly Girl'. Did you notice the two (2) doves feeding?
Fly 'girl'...snoozing ZZZZZZ
Leberhine Nevada aka Sam - Leberhine Maggie x Zamb Schwarzaugen - with her new owner Dale Tyler.
Sam in her new garden.
Leberhine Sly aka Bear - Fly x Eight aged 9 weeks. Proudly owned by Robyn, John & Kaine.
Bear catching up on ZZZZ after the 'photo shoot'.
Leberhine Sly aka Bear with Kaine
Leberhine Sly aka Bear with Kain
Bear climbing uphill Dec 2013
Bear at five years of age!
Leberhine Spence aka Jasper @ 8 weeks. Proudly owned and loved by the Mallyon Family.
Schmoozing and snoozing. Jasper @ 11 weeks.....he has certainly made himself at home!
We warned Dan & Tam, Jasper liked to dig however......
Jasper is not a 'wombat' after all. Jasper aged 13 weeks
Jasper with the girls at Christmas 2012.
Paris & Jasper 2014
Leberhine Stallone - aka Khan proudly owned by Marc Wojkow. Leberhine Fly x Eight aged 4 1/2 weeks
Jasper on the trampoline
Leberhine Stallone aka Khan
Leberhine Stallone aka Khan. Very handsome at so young an age!
Leberhine Nazcar aka Jensen aged 9 months
Leberhine Spider aka Shep proudly owned, loved and well-deservedly spoiled by Sue and Mark Taylor
Leberhine Spider aka Shep with the dart-board' he found in the dog park. Boy!!!! Shep looks very similar to his grandfather Nilson, carrying the kong.
Couch potatoes - Sam & Shep - Leberhine Nevada and Leberhine Spider
Leberhine Capo aka Max with his proud and loving owners Nick & Lisa Carter. They are now loving owners of Leberhine Ultima.
Flyte aged 6 weeks. Hatto Huhnegrab x Leberhine Maggie
Leberhine Capo aka Max with Leberhine Ultima aka Flyte...Flyte is snuggling up with her new dad Nick Carter
Flyte playing in her water bowl.
Flyte & Max in the 'jungle'.
Max with 'his' toy bone.
Give me back my toy bone!!!!

A hard day play - Flyte & Max
I'm Daddy's girl.
Leberhine Uzi aka Cooper aged 6 weeks proudly owned by John & Denise Rhodes
Leberhine Uzi with Leberhine Bear aka Sam
What a head! Cooper with tough guy face
Tori 'hard at work' at Yvonne's place of work
After 'a hard day at work' Tori can finally relax!!!!!
Leberhine Yin aka Kaye (Focus x Eight) - aged 8 weeks -proudly owned by Kelly Barlow
I have beautiful eyes but I think I have to grow into my ears! Kaye
Leberhine Yang aka Mika loved and owned by Danny & Michelle.
"My mum was in the bath, I love bubbles!"
Leberhine Yankee with Tiffany
Leberhine Edge aka Romy - a hosPETality member. Proudly owned and loved by Angelika, Andrew and Ari
Nic & Honey.
Honey with the new family member Nate.
Nate & Honey
Leberhine Zed aka Indy proudly owned by Lynn & Luke Hibbird. Indy is from Leberhine Nes x Ch Vonpeta Ugottabekidding.
I AM NOT SPOILED. My new owners just give me things.
Zarr playing 'rough house' with his new mate.
Zarr doesn't get the idea of a 'dog blanket'!
Zarr ZZZZZZ! With a Kong in his mouth.
Zarr's first birthday! Yummy...Bonio with mince.
Merry Christmas Leberhine.
Leberhine Renny with her new best friend. Proudly owned by the Gril Family. Photo taken on her first day meeting everyone. Leberhine Babe x Calle Westervenn.
Yes! I think Leberhine Renny aka Xena has fitted into her new home. Proudly owned by the Gril Family.
Leberhine Raven aka Asha. Leberhine Babe x Calle Westervenn. Proudly owned by Amanda Billing and family.
Asha the 'water-baby'!
Leberhine Ruse aka Emmy exploring her new garden. Proudly owned by the Smith Family.
Ummm! I know Robert gives the dogs a taste of FU Iced Coffee, this is a bit different! Obviously Emmy likes her coffee.
AWWWW! Both ears up....maybe it's the coffee?
Emmy without her coffee
Leberhine Regina (aka Lola)- Leberhine Babe x Calle Westervenn. Proudly owned by the Robert's Family.
Lola relaxing in her dog bed! Is she spoilt? I do not care, she has a wonderful home.
Lola with ears erect!.
Allen said "Got some hired help in to work on my Land Cruiser, typical hired help sleeping on the job".
Leberhine Roo aka Zeus proudly owned by Graeme & Mia Stock - Leberhine Babe x Calle Westervenn
What a great Power supporter! Leberhine Roo...Go the Power
Zeus with 'ears'! What a handsome boy.
Leberhine Jericho aka Riley proudly owned by the Temple family.
Leberhine Jeremiah aka Zeus proudly owned by Jim & Julie Morrison. Leberhine Umeeko x Xaro Plassenburg
Leberhine Jeremiah aka Zeus
Leberhine Jeremiah aka Zeus
Leberhine Jeremiah aka Zues proudly owned by Julie & Jim Morrison.
Leberhine Jeronimoe aka Moe - proudly owned by Vivien & Michael Drummond - Damonte Kennels.
Ch Leberhine Jeroninoe AZ - working - proudly owned by Damonte Knls
We really love nature. Juno & Chilli
Leberhine Junie cooling off in the pool. Junie aka Juno is proudly owned by Fran & Tony Gollan. Behind her is search and rescue Ch Darkana Ghianne



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