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Australia Day is over, school's back.....the last days of summer
are before us.  Before we know it, Easter will be here.


Results of Dogzonline Pointscore 2019


Take care of our wonderful firies, heroes, everyone of them.


AUSTRALIAN LIONS FOUNDATION or through your local Lions Club




SA STATE EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND or call 1300 276 468 (1300 BPOINT) and enter biller code 1002359.


Foodbank accept donations of tinned and packaged foods, feminine hygiene and
other toiletries, pet food and cleaning items. To find your drop off location visit


Fodder donations and offers of agistment: VFF, 1300 882 833 or [email protected]





See a list of items needed urgently by charities all around Australia

It's ok if you can't give today, this need from our country will be ongoing.
It's going to take a while to come back from this, and the fires continue.



Congratulations on your success in the 2019 Dogz Online Pointscore competition!

Neut Ch Yetholme Button Up My Heart ('Tilly')

* No. 1 Yorkshire Terrier - Neuter Competition - Australia

* No. 1 Yorkshire Terrier - Neuter Competition - New South Wales

Aust Ch Yetholme Esprits Dame De Coeur RA ('Liliane')
* No. 1 Yorkshire Terrier - Breed Challenge Competition - Victoria,
Liliane came 3rd out of 16 yorkies on the national breed challenge leaderboard.

I'm so proud of these gorgeous Yetholme babies.


The waiting is over.
Four gorgeous little boys born 4/12/19

These babies are now happily settled in their
forever homes.



With warmer weather here, and still so very dry in many parts,
remember to leave water out for birds and other critters, lizards, and
especially the bees as without bees, there will be no us!!



April 23rd marked Children's Day at Sydney Royal.  This is the day the breeds are on display to the
public.  The day starts very early, and finishes very late, especially as the dogs have to be bathed bright and early
and then on their 'benches' before 8 am.
It truly is a test of a dog's temperament, lots of people, lots of noise, barely a minute to rest,
and people asking lots and lots of questions.
I couldn't be more proud of the two Yetholme girls who went along as ambassadors for the 
Yorkshire Terrier Breed.
Aust Neut Ch Yetholme Charlotte's Karma, and
almost Aust Neut Ch Yetholme Button Up My Heart.
Their families are to be commended for such dedication to the breed,
and I sincerely thank them for all their hard work.


Puppies born on 27th March 2019.
The two little boys, Snowpea and Banjo, have gone to Perth, and
the little girl, Polly, has gone to Sydney.
I know their new families are enjoying them very much.


Welcome to my web site. I hope you enjoy your visit. Take your time to
browse awhile - there is quite a lot to read and many pictures to view and enjoy. 

Feel free to have a look around and contact me if you would
like to know more, and please check back often for regular - sometimes daily - updates!
The link to subsequent pages is at the very bottom of each page.

I welcome genuine puppy enquiries.

Would love you to sign the guestbook
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The number of dogs suffering in this world - being tortured in Dog & Cat Meat Trade globally,
or homeless on the streets of the world, or being tortured in labs, or being killed in so-called 'shelters',
or being exploited in other ways – in dogfighting, being starved for hunting, raped, or suffering as slaves in puppy mills,
etc. - are a ZILLION times MORE than any other animal species.  they NEED our Voice in their defense.
Please go to my Stop the Cruelty page for further information.
Please take a moment to visit Soi Dog website.
They really are making a difference.

When enjoying holidays with your dog,
it's not beyond the realms of possibility that the dog becomes separated
from its family.  The image below has some good advice.


*** See the 'All About Charli' page for Charli's latest appearance
in her important role as Yorkie-Ambassador.


The importance of dental hygiene
in your yorkie cannot be stressed enough.
Please visit
and read about the
Emmi-pet 100% Ultrasound Toothbrush for animals.
You are welcome to ask me about it, initially.

Ch Yetholme Esprits Dame de Coeur ('Liliane')
at her first Sydney Royal Show, Easter 2018
We're so proud of this lovely little girl!

Liliane has now gained her second title in Rally O,
RA - Rally Advanced,

showing just how versatile these little dogs are.

The Yorkshire Terrier is truly the dog for all reasons!!


Yetholme Celtic Freddie

Freddie's mum, Judy, writes.......

"Freddie had an amazing year last year (actually 18 months because the timing of the awards was changed last year). 
He was Top Dog in Regular (agility) and Touch n Go (agility without jumps) and got
places in all the other 5 events NADAC run.  He was also Top Yorkshire Terrier
worldwide (well USA, Canada and Aus) in NADAc in all events. So proud of my little man."

And we at Yetholme are so proud of both of them!!!  Freddie is now 12.
Yetholme Jamies Heartbeat has now joined Freddie and Chloe,
and is looking forward to a future in Agility.


Aust Ch Yetholme Kahluas Phoennix
is now competing in Agility and in Feb 2019
his mum writes..."Phoennix got a quali and first in novice jumping and 
agility.  Such a good boy!"
Pictured below, when he was being shown.



On 12th February, 2003, OzYorkieRipples chat group was founded.
It's a small group, but a very friendly group and a happy place to be.
Many lifelong friendships have been formed.
If you enjoy pleasant chat, yorkie chat, consider joining us.
[email protected]


Please don't let yourself be scammed.
Scammers are out of hibernation and looking for victims.
Feel free to email me if you're not sure.


  Here is our
gorgeous baby, 'Nellie', eighteen weeks young in the pic below.
Nellie is the younger sister to Tilly, below.
Nellie is now a mum to her very own babies, and they are stunning!
Daddy is Bozliwia Lightsome Fire At Yetholme (Jamie)


from pet poison helpline


Below - Yetholme Button Up My Heart - 'Tilly'

Sired by Aust Ch
Eye Candy du Domaine du President (imp Fr)
Yetholme Whisper To My Heart,
beautiful lastborn daughter of
Aust Ch Brave Heart of Padawi's (imp Gmy)

Tilly, the first show dog for her 'mum',
is now, as of 28th June 2019, 
Neuter Champion.

We are very proud to announce 

Yetholme Button Up My Heart - Tilly - was been awarded for 2018

* No. 1 Yorkshire Terrier - Neuter Competition - Australia

* No. 1 Yorkshire Terrier - Neuter Competition - New South Wales,

huge congrats to Tilly and her mum.


It is tragic to hear of so
many beautiful dogs being surrendered to local pounds and shelters, some as old
as 17 or as young as a couple of months.
The shelters are overflowing and dogs are being made available at very low prices
to try and clear space for the next influx of poor
souls crying out for a forever home.
Bearing in mind that 'a puppy/dog is for life', could your
family find space and love in its heart for one of the needy dogs?
Please consider!!!

Always keep your dog's microchip details updated
so that in the event of it being lost or
stolen, there is more chance of it being reunited with its family.


to Mrs M. Sharpe and

Charli is our first 'Neuter' Champion and truly a credit to the breed.
Not only is she our first Neuter Champion but she is also the first dog that
her owner has ever shown.

See Charli's page.......
'All About Charli'
Read about her progression from pet puppy to Neuter Champion.


Charli, resting from her labours.

Charli retired from the showring in June 2019 and is hoping to 
become a Pets as Therapy dog (PAT).

While we are no longer showing our yorkies, our love for
this gorgeous breed remains undiminished. 


Genuine and courteous enquiries for future puppies are welcome, by email,
Jan at [email protected]  
but please do not ask for 'teacup' yorkies.

 "Breeding means you enter your breed's gene pool and leave footprints for eternity!
Take care that the footprints you leave are worthy -of being followed!" Carol Sloan

'Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me.  "Be still" they say.
"Watch and listen.  You are the result of the love of thousands".'


Biskit will be available at stud for a limited time,
 to approved bitches.


They are the offspring of
Ch Akimura of Padawi's (Imp Gmy) and
Yetholme Welcome Valda.
Sadly, Valda gained her angel wings in Nov 2018 but she left behind her
a wonderful legacy in her beautiful babies. 

Prints is making his mark by producing outstanding


 !! Xylitol the Silent Killer !!
for more info on this deadly product, go to my


above Aust Ch Brave Heart of Padawi's (imported Gmy)


Family ones. Choose only from a registered breeder.



 2011, 2012, 2013 

The ADVANCE® Best Breeder leaderboard recognises the top
breeders in this breed based on various wins and titles earned by dogs that they have bred.


  If you would like to know of anyone else who may
live in your area with a view to spending time together,
puppy playdays, etc., please contact us.  We may
be able to help put you in touch with them.


Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware
When searching for your yorkie, please do your homework carefully, especially before
parting with any money.  If you are offered a yorkie that seems too good to be true in dollar terms,
you can bet your life that it is.  There are various scams doing the rounds at the moment.  For further
information, you are welcome to contact me via my Contact page.


Futher to the above warning, I received a disturbing phone call recently from a lady in Western Australia.  She had paid out
a considerable sum of money for a puppy, went to the airport to collect it......and it never arrived.  A scam. 
Disgusting!  How can people do this kind of thing?  The lady's children were bitterly disappointed, needless to say.
If anyone trying to buy a puppy is asked to pay by Western Union, be VERY careful.


As can be seen, yorkies are not just pretty faces, 
below is Yetholme FreeWill ChaCha
going through his paces
ChaCha  achieved his
ADX, JDX title.
I am immensely proud of ChaCha and his 'mum', Georgia.
ChaCha was his mum's very first dog, and together they achieved so much.
ChaCha left us in May 2018, aged 13, leaving a very big hole in his mum's heart.......
Hopefully, Yetholme Heart N Soul (Hula) will help to mend his mum's heart.

Please take a look at our Agility pages, and consider getting involved in activities with your yorkie.

ChaCha inspired quite a few yorkies and their
owners to try agility and/or obedience, including
Judy from Victoria who is owned by Chloe and Freddie.



When searching for your puppy, do your homework carefully and purchase only from reputable breeders
Do not support puppy mills or backyard breeders
To further emphasize our concern for buying a dog from a pet store and the like please look at these links:

  Responsible breeders are very proud of their dogs and participate in activities that
add to their knowledge of the breed. 
They are constantly striving to improve the longevity
and physical traits of their chosen breed.  Their puppies are properly raised and socialised.

Please be sure to sign my guest book so that I know you have visited.





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