Yetholme Yorkies

Days of our lives......

January - Australia Day 2014 - marked the arrival of
our very precious babies, Jeremy and Princess Minnie.  Jeremy
lives in WA and Minnie on the central coast of NSW. 
I hope you enjoy the pics below.



It's a big world out there!!


Jeremy, super-hero!

Easter was special - we got to play with the Easter bunny.

Fresh air and exercise, so important for a puppy's well-being.


With mum
Lovely baby.
A boy has to be clean....
The view is good from here
Let sleeping puppies lie
Exploring. A boy loves to get out into the bush!
With exploring comes muddy feet.
Exploring in the garden with mum
What kind of flower is that?
Jeremy, owner of Ross and Emily in Perth, WA.
Lots of delicious smells.
Jeremy and his mum
Sister, Minnie...owner of Jessica.
Minnie loves to dress up.
Every dog deserves a kid.
Every inch the Princess!
Jeremy, sitting pretty
Jeremy and one of his many friends
Jeremy at work
Jeremy, bored at work.
Jeremy, high-five!
Jeremy and his sister were two of the dearest puppies I've ever known. It almost broke my heart to let them go.



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